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Reading suggestions for fans of films like this

If you're all burnt out on watching movies, but not on the stories they tell, the joy of fanfiction may be just the ticket – especially fanfiction written about, or related to, our favorite movies. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1. MAGGIE SMITH/JUDI DENCH fanfiction – related to the 2004 filming of LADIES IN LAVENDER.*s*Maggie%20Smith/works

NOTE: you may not think of these two as a potential item, but trust me – this was written so well, after reading it, you will! I totally ship these two together!! 

2. NOTES ON A SCANDAL fanfiction – exploring the relationship further between Barbara Covet and Sheba Hart. Despite the bickering from dissenters on this board, turns out I'm not the only one who saw romance in the film.*s*Sheba%20Hart/works

3.LOSING CHASE fanfiction – detailing what happened after the 1996 movie ended. How did life turn out for the two lead characters in this very simple, sweet movie. Find out, here:*s*Chase%20Phillips/works

and for fans of CAROL...

CAROL fanfiction- Obviously, CAROL has become a sort of instant classic among lesbian movie lovers – and those who enjoy such films. That being said, a lot of people, while enjoying it, had their own ideas of how it should have been. I would say both groups of people can probably find something to appreciate in these stories:*s*Therese%20Belivet/works


These works, by passionate fans, can leave those of us who thought no one else saw the potential we did, feeling vindicated once and for all. For example, quite a few people on this board seemed to look down their noses at some people for their taste in movies and for what they consider to be romantic---but fanfiction frees one from the rigid confines of other people's limited imaginations and often out-does the thing they were inspired by!

So, to anyone who has ever watched a movie and felt like their vision of the movie wasn't realized, don't think you're the only one----and don't ever let other people spoil the fun for you! There are others like you, and they often find fanfiction to be a wonderful outlet. Enjoy!

Please excuse typos/funny wording; I use speech-recognition that doesn't always recognize!