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Aiming for a 'Twin Peaks' vibe?

Young blonde victim killed at the start.
A whole town of suspects.
Sinister goings-on in the woods.
Supernatural elements.

OK series, but can't hold a candle to the original.

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It was very similar but the big difference was that Twin Peaks focused on the police investigation wherreas here the police were very much in the background.


Twin Peaks has cast a long shadow over many tv series over the years, and it continues with this drama. It's not a bad effort, but I agree. I can't help comparing it to the brilliance of TP.

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this was my exact thinking throughout the whole thing. I found many parallels but I guess that's easy to do with a looming bias from the start

I know Twin Peaks has good reviews and is generally held in high regard but it was much too abstract and avant garde for me. Mayday was much more meaningful to me


There are not many shows that can hold a candle or a log to Twin Peaks!

Its that man again!!


I just watched the series and had the same thought as OP

what Jordie?