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Really Enjoyed It

Came across this by chance and really enjoyed it. The acting was brilliant, and the series kept me guessing all the way through, though I had my suspicions. This should have received more attention when it aired - didn't even know it existed.

But that ending?!! Though it's quite clear how it'll "conclude" for the various parties, I still would have liked to have seen it, because the guilty person should have suffered. The crime was reprehensible...


I found the entire thing odd, I was totally confused throughout, but kept watching in the hope of being I confused. I never did really, although I understand what happened.

Too many things left unfinished at the end, it wasn't tidy, left me hanging.

Fine for a series 1, with a series 2 to tie it all up, but I found it rather unsatisfying as it is.


I think I'd some up the whole show by how I felt at the end.

"Wait, what?"


I really enjoyed it too. I think the end is left to our imagination- having said that, we know who did it and we should know he will be caught and be punished.