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Rachel Nichols looks eerily similar to a 90's Bridget Fonda



Yes, i was thinking the same watching her.


She is beautiful. One of the reasons I watch Continuum is to see her.


Yeah, she looks very much like her. I was pretty impressed with how much she made me feel sad for her. I really wanted to hold her. Seriously... not for my pleasure...wink!

Some people think too hard about a film while others don't think hard enough. Think about it!



LOL! I was thinking the same thing! Very beautiful actress!

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But about 10 years older.

Nichols is only 33ish when filming here, but could have been late 30's or even 40.

She still looks good; just a bit old for that age.

So not like Bridget who looked 20 something all throughout the 90's even though by the late 90's she was the same age as Nichols was when filming this.

Nichols looks most like Fonda in Dumber and Dumber II (the first unofficial one). Nichols in her prime in that movie is just gorgeous.