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Terrible voice over dubbing for Richard's brother

Early in the movie, I couldn't figure out why Richard's brother (Henry the Young) sounded weird, and then it occurred to me his voice is terribly over-dubbed by a voice actor who sounds like he's reading on cue and in a tiny room with bad echo off the walls - like he's in a toilet or kitchen. Did anybody else notice?


Had to download this after reading these posts and reviews to see for myself. Ouch!

Anyway, because of your post I quickly picked up on Henry. LOL, and couldn't unhear it, whenever he spoke I couldn't help but fixate on the production so I missed the epic dialogue :)

Something was definitely waay off, especially the echoho! I'm no expert but I bet you're right, maybe one of the camera guys was paid with beer to do it after hours on his IPhone. Too bad they didn't budget $2.99 for him to install the paid version of the voice recorder app that adds echo cancel and effects filters!

My question. How bad was the original sound to get this silly replacement?


I guess a lot. When Henry goes to Richard when Richard was chained, you can hear cracks and noise in the audio.