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Marvel is THE unparalleled leader in cinema today

“There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people so when we needed them they could fight the battles that we never could. Gentlemen, what are you prepared to do?” – Nick Fury

The answer is more than clear five years later. They were prepared to change the entertainment landscape! Every Avenger or Avenger related movie has redefined the modern blockbuster. Having each film stand on its own yet connect everything on such a deep level never ceases to amaze. Age of Ultron was exceptional yet CREATED Vision and Scarlet Witch and those characters may just carry phase four. It's also amazing how everyone has been rushing to copy this formula but no one can figure out how to duplicate it. Not even DC and they've been making comic book heroes since the beginning themselves.

Would you have thought five years after this movie and eight years after Iron Man Marvel would be the unparalleled leader in cinema? Marvel Studios is so prestigious that they may even be facing a backlash. They're so popular that champions of smaller studio efforts are behind the scenes trying to deflect any award or accolade. Marvel Studios makes great films and big box office EVERY time out and insiders are starting to get as grouchy as the jealous and bitter DC fanboys we see raging across the Internet occasionally. Such is the price of greatness I guess.

Marvel Studios clearly has produced the best blockbusters each on every year since 2012. AoU owned 2015. How long can this run last? Will bumping the slate to three movies per year stretch them too thin? With this much talent in play, does it matter?

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Marvel is the gold standard of comic book movies. They have released some of my favorite comic book movies since 2008. DC Comics and WB are having a hard time matching the quality of movies from the MCU. I just hope that Wonder Woman turns out to be the best DCEU movie.


and how about now


McG, shut the fuck up and go back to charlie's angels.
Leader of what? Mediocrity?


Marvel WAS the leader. Where are they going to go now, with their 3 biggest stars (Downey/Evans/Johannsen) out of the universe, and no Spiderman to replace them?



Disregarding what the MCU detractors over here and pompous comic book film haters spew, it’s no question Marvel has been an absolute dominant cinematic force for the last decade. As much as the aforementioned groups try to downplay Marvel’s success (that includes the critical success), the fact is what this studio has achieved (along with the equal powerhouse Disney) is historic. It’s highly unlikely that their well-earned success and dominance will ever be matched by anyone.

And to the good ol’ detractors (the DC army in particular and their sad Dark Knight and now Joker gloating? Yawn and LOL!), sorry not sorry but it doesn’t look like things are going to slow down for the MCU anytime soon. Excelsior AF!!!