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It's official, next 007 will be a black woman

It's not a joke. 007 has been both femwashed and blackwashed. Lashana Lynch will play double woke seven, I mean 007, after Daniel Craig.

The article doesn't say anything about whether Lashana is a biological woman, or a transgender woman (last case, 007's character could be considered as LGTB inclusive too). She looks more like a transgender one, but taking into account that they didn't mention it and the character has been already femwashed and blackwashed, I'm more inclined that Lashana could be a biological woman. Probably going transgender will be the next step.

So 007 is very much done, farewell and moving on, who will be the next one to be blackwashed? Indiana Jones? Ripley? Sherlock Holmes? Tarzan? Conan of Cimmeria? The Little Mermaid? Aragorn? Gandalf? Nurse Who? John McClane? Robin Hood? King Arthur? Beethoven? Columbus? Thomas Jefferson? Einstein? The XVIth century Spanish Court?

EDIT Regarding whether she's a temporary minor character. According to the movie narrative, she's the new 007. Craig is supposed to came back from retirement for a last mission, recovering the 007 license, kind of 'never say never again'. However, once he's done, once he retires again, and unless she dies, she should get back the 007 license, which means she should be 007 in the next movie. Will it happen? Well, it's not written in stone, and the Opera doesn't end until the racially correct and dietetically empowered lady sings. But again: for now, she's officially the new 007.


This is a ploy, a gimmick to get people talking about the movie and going to see the movie. It is an ill-advised move for the franchise. Lynch could have been given another 00 agent number, but no, they had to go and pull this titanic blunder. James bond is synonymous with 007, 007 with James Bond. Ian Flemmings James Bond 007. To have someone else, black, white, man, women, play James Bond is travesty.

Now, yes, 00 agents are replaced when they did. We see that in Casino Royale when James Bond is granted 00 status and winds up with 007. There are 00 agents 002-009, and throughout the Bond movies the names change. For example, 002 has different names in Thunderball and The Livingday lights.

People will make the argument that once James Bond quits/retires he loses his 007 codename. This is wrong. On Her Majesty's Secret Service, bond quits, comes back as 007. License to Kill, Bond quits, even attacks M16 personnel, still gets called 007 by Q throughout the movie. Die Another Day, Bond is is captured, MIA, could even be KIA, comes back as 007 later in the movie. Skyfall, Bond dissapears into retirement, comes back as 007 with the line "007 reporting for duty".

The real reason a black woman takes Bond's codename is to appease a loud minority of people, fake social justice warriors, "woke people", triggered political correctness morons, people who think there is a gender for every day of the year, people who sexualize children and want to normalize pedophilia.

I can't wait until the Craig era is over, because its crashing down in flames. I pray we return to a classic Bond formual with a new Bond and these Craig reboots are forgotten in the future.


Well said


The writer is , responsible for the "feminist humor".

She's the creator/writer of Fleabag and Killing Eve. I could not watch the first 10m of the former, so am not trying the later.


The Little Mermaid is already confirmed to be a black woman.


The article doesn't say anything about whether Lashana is a biological woman, or a transgender woman

lol wow. Fleming's series has come full circle!! haha

"IT'S 2019 BEEYOTCHES!!!" lol


Could be a tranny... I noticed that black folks if they have their hair shaved, very hard to tell the gender or sex even unless you hear them speak or notice the biological organs. Well, I guess that could be the case with any other race but it's mostly because black folk have their hair shaved.


Guess we'll know once the trailers hit. I'm not going to speculate what she has for that codename but if she actually is the next 007, consider the franchise dead. It's like if Charlie's Angels were suddenly all guys or any other established female role that went male (you'll never see it happen). I'm all for women empowerment etc. (as long as it isn't in your face but like it just shows without having the character tell the damn audience 'ONLY A WOMAN CAN DO IT' shtick) but if they're just replacing established franchises like this, fuck Hollywood and its lost core.

A movie insider said: 'There is a pivotal scene at the start of the film where M says 'Come in 007', and in walks Lashana who is black, beautiful and a woman.

'It's a popcorn-dropping moment. Bond is still Bond but he's been replaced as 007 by this stunning woman.

'Bond, of course, is sexually attracted to the new female 007 and tries his usual seduction tricks, but is baffled when they don't work on a brilliant, young black woman who basically rolls her eyes at him and has no interest in jumping into his bed. Well, certainly not at the beginning.'

Lol... they have to repeat themselves of 'black', 'woman', 'beautiful'... When you go woke you could only reserve those for people of color. I wonder if there were any insiders that said the same to any other bond girl from before.


As I said on another thread as of now I am convinced that there is NO way Lashona Lynch is going to take over the series, I think she'll be Bond's sidekick for this film and maybe Bond's sidekick in future films with a different actor???? The fact that she is 007 is nothing to freak out about at this moment, in the YOLT novel Bond actually did give up his 007 codename and received a different number so this isn't anything out of the ordinary. I have two hypotheses as to what will happen:

A) At the end of the film Bond will rejoin MI6 and take back the 007 codename, and either Lashona Lynch will die during the mission or she will remain at MI6 and potentially be Bond's sidekick in future films which I am totally OK with


B) Lashona Lynch will keep the 007 title at the end of the film and then in Bond 26 it will be a reboot meaning Lashona Lynch can no longer appear

No matter what I am in no way convinced or even suspect that Lashona Lynch will take over the franchise and its for this reason: Her acting experience is minimal at best, as of now she has only been in one film where she has been anything more than an extra (Captain Marval), there is NO WAY Eon is just going to hand the keys to one of the biggest franchises in film history to an actress with such little experience knowing that it is going to be controversial. As of now we have seen two actors transition into already established roles: John Cleese taking over Desmond Llewelyn's role and Ralph Fiennes taking over Judi Dench's role. BOTH John Cleese and Ralph Fiennes had a very impressive resume going into their respective films and were already every respected actors (Ralph Fiennes was in freaking Schindler's List and was nominated for two Oscars). and M and Q are not as nearly as iconic as the role of James Bond is.


On top of that all of the James Bond actors had considerably more acting experience going into their first Bond film than Lynch does at this point, aside from George Lazenby and yes OHMSS was his first role ever but keep this in mind: A) In 1969 the Bond series was not nearly the iconic powerhouse as it is today (there had only been 5 films at this point) and B) I think it's safe to say everyone pretty much considers Lazenby to be one of the lesser Bonds and that casting him really didn't work out well, for me at least he is certainly one of the weaker aspects of OHMSS.

In summary: IF they were to replace Bond with a black actress I really feel they would have picked someone with a far more impressive resume than Lashona Lynch because recasting Bond is a commitment, as they are going to expect the actor to play the part in multiple films. As more information comes out I guess we'll see if I'm right or not but as of now I am far from convinced that Lashona Lynch is going to have anything more than a supporting role.