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So who does Adam really love at the end?

So, at the end when Adam tells Gracie that she doesn't have to wait for him when he is going to walk Jamie to the tunnel, does this mean he is coming to grasps with his sexual preferences and that he actually cared more for Jamie than he does/can for Gracie? Or nothing of the sort?

After reading some of the other messages posted here, it seems like the book had more of a homosexual overtone with the two main characters as well as the suicide being more possibly a murder in the book actually.


I didn't get a homosexual vibe from Adam. He just seemed to be a compassionate friend and trying to help Jamie. Maybe he felt guilty. Maybe Jamie is like his other side and he felt a sort of kinship. While Jamie was the "freak" in school and bullied he felt that it might as well have been him. And later in the movie it's his turn to be the "freak".

On the other hand he didn't seem to be overly passionate about Gracie either. He definitely was sexually attracted to her so maybe it was just the distraction of a ghost lurking around. Or maybe he just isn't into her... rocks lol.

The relationship triangle is really very subtle and delicate. Not like a teenage love story.

In the movie it's definitely a suicide though. Which kind of makes him a more dangerous ghost.