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reading the comments here has made me realize something about Polley

She is a whole lot tougher and braver than she comes across on film.

We see her laughing, crying, thinking, pondering, worrying.

One thing we don't see her doing is defending or fighting with the people who will harsh on the film. It's like that is in the back of the mind of the film, the nervousness and trepidation, but she goes ahead and does the film anyways. And now we see, on the imdb, people calling her parents "whores" and "dicks".

Making this film opened up her most private part of life for strangers to *beep* all over it, and apparently some of them have. I would never be able to make a film like this and I don't know anyone who would, and I can't think of many great directors who would either.

She must be brave beyond brave to have gone through, gone ahead, knowing how much mindless, senseless, sociopathic hate might flow the way of herself and her loved ones.

And all she really did, in the end, was try to show a little truth.


She has done interviews about the film it's not as if she's put it out there and then not said anything about it I just think most filmmakers most of the time realise there isn't much point going online and arguing with people about the things you addressed.


It's definitely a vulnerable thing to expose your past for the world to see. It looks like she had the support of those closest to her, and ultimately that support is far more important than reactions from hordes on the interwebs.