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One of the best of the last three years

Stories We Tell is a lovely, fresh film: a documentary with interesting twists and a genuine, winning personal angle.

It is one of the best films I have seen (for the first time) over the past three years. During that time my blog has been almost entirely dormant and now I'm resurrecting it whilst reflecting on what I have seen and enjoyed in that time.

Forgive the self-promotion and please have a look at my choices. Stories We Tell is just the kind of film I enjoy championing. And if you liked it, try the others and let me know what you think...


I agree.

Sarah Polley is probably best known as an actress. Her presence in a film directed by Wim Wenders {Don't Come Knocking] was excellent. Wenders - from Europe - is one of the most insightful foreign filmmakers to make movies about the American persona.

It's surprising how many actors and actresses go on to directing movies. Sarah has directed several, unusual for someone so young.

This story is really her family story, and I'm kind of surprised that she would have the guts to bring up family secrets that most of us would like to keep hidden, if given the choice. Sarah is one talented lady.

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