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What is the Harry Gulkin documentary within the film?

Does anyone know what the black and white documentary featuring Harry is (the one Sarah says she watched as research about Harry)? I'm not talking about the B/W reenactments with an actor playing Harry. I can't remember but think it was a film about his politics or his journey to america or something ...

Also, does anyone know if Harry has/is going to publish his book now the film is out? I think Sarah should encourage him to ... it would be in the democratic spirit of the film. Although I don't think he came over very well at all (pretty egotistical), part of me felt he did have a point when he said he's the only person who can tell the 'truth' about his relationship with Sarah's mum.

Completely brilliant film.


It must be this one: - Gordon Sheppard or the Art of Dying well (2011, 86 min)

If you look at his works on, this is the only documentary from the past where he plays himself.

See also: or_the_art_of_dying_well/ - I assume that Harry was a friend of Gordon, or maybe a colleague?

But 2011 seems too new, so I'm not sure.



It's called Red Dawn on Main Street.


"...I don't think he came over very well at all (pretty egotistical)" wasn't the impression I had. I admired him, in fact.