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Things I learned from Watching CAT. 8

1. It is a bad idea to try to harness free energy from the Sun.
It will back fire down to the earth and cause massive CME.

2. CME can cause earthquakes and make the weather chance as well as play havoc with electronics.

3. Pointing a laser device down a fault hole will fix the earths core and make it spin again.

4. Don't trust your senator

5. Nuclear booms will make things worse.


6. If you're going to create a magnetic shield around the Earth to stop the Sun's CME, do it at nighttime.

7. If someone saves the Earth, immediately rendition them and beat them repeatedly for no reason.


8. solar flares kill birds.

9. you don't need expensive equipment that people normally use to adjust satellite dish (to find the satellite's position, just kiss it after moving it by hand.

10. a CME can travel at nearly light speed.

you can target a solar flare (usually 3-10 times the diameter of the Earth) at a tiny satellite in orbit and miss the Earth completely.

11. Solar flares stop chemical engines working, but your electronic mobile phone only loses signal, but otherwise works fine.

I know this has been said, but it is a biggie.

13. in London, we drive on the right and have American style police cars.

(I am only 32 minutes in so far


14. Morons making stupid decisions run the government and don't care about anyone but themselves.

Wait, that is actually something I knew all along. And it's not just in this movie.


15. Untested nuclear warheads can be launched at and into sealed superdeep boreholes that aren't really one single hole but actually branch into smaller ones, so this is a crazy precise target.

16. Untested nuclear warheads are also apparently less than 9 inches in diameter to be able to fit into the deepest branch of the Kola borehole.


17: That I've apparently been misprouncing the earth's magnetic field as a "mag-net" osphere instead of a "mag-neat" osphere. I cringe everyone I hear that.


18 - The military will weaponize anything

19 - Matthew Modine is really beginning to look a lot like Ronny Cox.


20. There really are worse ways to spend a couple of hours than experimental surgery by a drunken doctor with a rusty penknife.

21. If I were Matthew Modine, I would feed my appearance fee into a shredder in disgust, change my name and get plastic surgery so that nobody would recognise me, then kill everybody who ever found out who I really was. Then kill myself once I found out how impossible it was, leaving a will demanding that my ashes be mixed into landfill flooded with fuming nitric acid, then bombed with napalm, them with a fuel-air bomb, then nuked. Then by a cobalt bomb to guarantee a) that nobody would talk about it and b) people who had wasted two hours of their sorry lives on this dreck would be put out of their misery.

22. No other film ever, including "Batman and Robin" and "The Phantom Menace" has ever had anything like this garbage on my life.

23. And I normally find "Things I Learned Watching..." threads amusing.

The restitution of life is no great feat. A variety of deaths may well enter into your punishment


24. You can push-start a truck by popping the clutch when it has an automatic transmission.


#25. You can get married without a judge, priest, or any witnesses of any kind as long as you fashion a piece of barbwire into a makeshift wedding ring.


#26. Physicists are highly accurate shots, capable of killing a veteran soldier hundreds of yards away with a handgun. And a headshot no less!