I like it

People like to criticize everything, but I do like this mini-series. There are good actors in it. It's interesting and I like the suspense, it also shows how hatred is everywhere and how it's destructive, all that we already know of course.. In fact I'm more upset by the soldiers wanting to knock out Michael than by the earthquakes! Sorry English is my third language.

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I agree. For what it is (not Oscar worthy but still decent), this is pretty entertaining for fans of the genre.

Kudos to you for not buying in to the GroupThink bashing of this film!



I just like the whole genre...
that of impossible doomsday Mega sharks from space , man made metal cyclones, instant man made ice ages etc and all the usual culprits of doom

The evil politician ,and the super evil corporate monsters, the millions fleeing in panic, the save the day hero scientist and all the others that make this silliness popcorn worthy

Bring it on


Glad I'm not the only one who liked this. Yes, it was very far fetched, but it was entertaining. Sometimes it's really nice to watch a movie where you don't have to "read between the lines" to know what's going on.


It would not surprise me if those stupid Americans were actually working on something like this.

I'd love to see it happen irl though.
I would be take comfortable chair outside, grab a couple off beers and just watch the show around me.

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I like the show, but what i don't like is the usuall BS-story of warmongering politicians and scientists getting away with stupid *beep* that costs millions
or billions of lives and untold damage...

And don't forget about the stupid daughter that always has to do exactly what she
was told NOT to do...

That female scientist that OK'd the experiment without proper testing and calculations
should be jailed for the rest of her life with male prisoners, should be punishment
enough for the remaining time of her life.