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Ruined by plot hole and ending

-We know the camera man has to be real. We see his hand and we see the footage he films on Matt's computer.

-The premise is that Matt has no friends other than Owen. But the camera man must be a friend

-Why did the camera man just go along with the plot to shoot up the school?

-That will go down as one of the worst endings I have ever seen. It wasn't an ambiguous or open to interpretation ending, it just plain sucked. It's not my job to come up with an ending to your movie. You are the writer, you tell me how it ends.


Where's the plot hole? Just because Matt/Owen don't consider the camera man their friend? Plot hole? I don't think that means what you think it means.

I also don't understand your last statement at all. You say that the ending wasn't ambiguous or open to interpretation but then seem to suggest that there wasn't a clear ending. Which is is? Was it ambiguous and open to interpretation? Or was is clear cut and obvious how it ended?

Nobody is asking you to come up with an ending. The film ended after Matt killed a couple bullies and went and found Owen. Did you want something else to happen? Is it supposed to end another way according to some imaginary rules you've come up with? It sounds like you want to come up with another ending yourself yet are complaining about it.


Is it possible the cameramen(two different angles) didn't want to believe this was actually going to happen, and that Matt might have been planning some kind of twist? Then after realizing Matt wasn't playing, they might have followed him in fear of their lives. I saw another movie where a shooting was being filmed, and the shooter was waving his gun at the camera guy, ordering him to follow him or else.


You must have seen a total of 3 film endings if this was the worst ending you've ever seen. Let's stop being so dramatic, shall we? We both know it was nowhere near the worst.


You are the writer, you tell me how it ends.

Tell me everything, thinking hurts!!

We've met before, haven't we?


Lol there was no plot hole in this film. The camera man never spoke to him so he wasn't a friend. He probably hired him through the internet or paid someone in his school to do it. The ending completed the film and was done well.



Wait, no- it makes perfect sense! The movie ended because the camera guy(Jared) finally turned off the camera, having regained his senses after the shock of seeing Matt kill those two guys. Obviously Jared either ran, or he tried to be a hero. That's all it was. He just stopped filming.