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I put off watching this for a while

Simply because the actors were not as attractive as those in "Latter Days", this one sat in my Watchlist a while before I viewed it. As others have noted, the sound and lighting were not always first-rate, but that seems a common issue with lower-budget films.

I will say that Nick Ferrucci grew on me. The more I watched, the more attractive he became. Benjamin Farmer didn't interest me that much, but they both turned in excellent performances. In fact, I found the whole story quite believable, and was happy that Smith's family didn't torture him in an attempt to change his orientation, as we saw in Latter Days.

If a sequel is to be honest, I would expect one of the guys (probably Smith) to find himself attracted to someone new, which will break Merril's heart, of course. That would be really honest and likely with young men in a new relationship - unless their Mormon culture keeps them monogamous. Of course, there won't be much drama without some sort of tragedy.

The Kickstarter page says the campaign was unsuccessful. It's a couple years old, now. Does that mean there will be no sequel?


There is a sequel. It's called The Falls: Testament of Love, even better than the first movie. I don't like saying that because the first movie was excellent in it's own way. Both actors amaze me. They are wonderful in both movies.