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Brendan's Shaun of the Dead red cone reference

Finally caught up last night, and just when I thought nothing could beat the "I love you" scene from S03E05 "Smokers Allowed," the ending of S03E08 "The Hero" was incredibly poignant and profound in a way I never expected. Amazing television. But I digress...

When Nathan's new "friend," Brendan is in the car talking about red/blue colors in movies and TV shows in S08E07 "Nail Salon/Fun," he says the line, "In Shaun of the Dead, the little cone that he ate was red..." Now, I am a pretty big SotD fan and I can't think of what he was referring to. He can't be talking about the Cornetto Shaun gets Ed at the shop, can he?

It wants no straps. - Karl


Yes, of course he's talking about the red Cornetto ice cream cone.

Blue in Hot Fuzz.

Green in The World's End.

Red=blood, blue=cops, green=aliens.



Brendan was a good sport but he was wrong about Trek. The red shirts were easily killed on TOS, on TNG it was the gold shirts. The blue shirts were medical/science personnel.