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Thoughts on Part II? (spoilers of course)

Any thoughts on Part II? Since they disabled comments (cowards) I'll put mine here. The first half of Part II seemed to be about restating viewers' complaints regarding the first one (Part I?) as if that was their plan all along. That's either manipulative or deceitful. Some scenes were repeated. It was pretty boring, actually, but they seem to want to position themselves as a group that will decide globally who needs to be rounded up after Kony. (I suspect it won't be admitted war criminals Dick Cheney and George Bush.) Part II ended with a reminder of their kits for April 20th's postering action.

I was disappointed they didn't bother to address any of the claims regarding their credibility or character. That just doesn't fly. These issues MUST be addressed, or their campaign will shrink back to the size it was before, when it was just their robot children. If this is really about Kony, and not about something else, they need to step up and explain themselves.