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Tessa Thompson does not want to work with white people or men.

She means no offence though. Because she said "no offence".

Well I guess we're even. Because I don't want to see a "Men in Black" film with an unattractive woman in the lead. No offence.


The hypocrisy is absolutely staggering. Absolutely mind blowing. And since she's a black woman everything is cool. "No offense", but her, and Brie Larson, and everyone like them, can kiss my ass. I'm done being lectured by Hollywood hypocrites.

All she's doing is judging people (cough, cough) not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin...or genitalia, etc.

It's sad. Not many people have a problem with diversity, but to say you don't want to work with a certain race or gender...isn't that racism and sexism??? And just because she's black it's ok to say that???

These are the reasons racism, sexism, and all the other "-isms" are never going to die. People are morons.


It's sad. Not many people have a problem with diversity, but to say you don't want to work with a certain race or gender...isn't that racism and sexism??? And just because she's black it's ok to say that???
“I want to show up on set and have it look like the world I walk around in every day, which is full of women, and people of colour, and folk with disabilities. I want to make content that feels like that both on camera and off it.”

So horrible to say that, isn't it?


Let's see. Let's swap the groups:

I want to show up on set and have it look like full of white non-hispanic males. I want to make content that feels like that both on camera and off it.


No, there is nothing horrible about that part of the quote.

My question to you is, why didn't you write the part of the quote she said before that part???

Are just picking and choosing which parts of the quote make her look better?

I'm done with these hypocrites. And here's another thing. The BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB should get the job. It shouldn't be based on color, gender, or being disabled. She sounds like a moron, and I'm sick of the idiots out in Hollywood picking and choosing what is racism and what is sexism.

Negative speech or actions against ANY race is racism. Negative speech or actions against EITHER gender is sexism. How don't people get that? You don't get to pick and choose which race or gender of the people you attack, especially when in her warped worldview that ISN'T considered racism or sexism because she's bashing white men. To think you won't get some heat thrown back at you for that hypocrisy, especially when you're up on your high horse about equality? Bullshit. That's not equality.

I'm sick of it. They are hypocrites, and it's wrong.

And I don't care about stereotypical humor, I actually love it, because I have a spine and a sense of humor. It's nice to be able to laugh at yourself. But crap like this, where you are lecturing and preaching diversity while in the same breath being racist and sexist? Piss off.


This is what I really dislike about you anti-SJWs. You see someone saying they don't want to work with "just" white people or "just" men. But you always remove the "just" in your minds to make yourselves believe someone said they don't want to work with an entire race or gender altogether. You are so intellectually dishonest that nobody will ever give a shit about what you claim to be sick of.


Thanks for labeling me. Something I thought you "SJW's" are supposed to be against. I have no issues with more diversity in Hollywood. As long as the film is good, the acting, etc. is good, and as long as they aren't pandering and lecturing me, I don't give a crap what colors or gender the actors and crew are. You don't know a damn thing about me, and you also know damn well if a white man would have said the same thing about another race you would want him fired, exiled, and disgraced.

People are disgustingly obsessed with race, gender, and everything involving physical characteristics these days. It's so over the top at this point it's laughable.

We will never get to a point in society where these things aren't mentioned, because the people who think they are helping the situation (but are actually hurting it) will never let it go. Ever. They will always bring it up, even when it has nothing to do with what's going on, and it annoys the hell out of people who think logically.

Here's a simple thing she could have said that would have made everyone happy: "I hope in the future we can have a more diverse cast and crew in the film business."

If you keep singling out a race and gender, you'll keep pissing them off. Once again...hypocrites, because it is by definition racism and sexism.

Feel free to label me some more from your knowledge about me from movie message board posts. How tolerant an non judgemental of you.

Have a good day.


"If you keep singling out a race and gender, you'll keep pissing them off."

Nobody cares about pissing off anti-SJWs who warp things to fit their narrative though.

Again she said "just white men" and you transformed it to "white men" to fit your narrative. The problem is you not her.


>Nobody cares about pissing off anti-SJWs who warp things to fit their narrative though.

Except, you know, people who want to make a profit, apperently.


That's known as grifting. If you or I see someone warping things to fit a narrative, we're probably not going to pretend to agree for the sake of profit, especially when we can get profit by remaining honest with ourselves.

But for people like Dave Rubin and Candace Owens, they turned against their original ideology to cash-in on something they originally did not believe. They still don't believe it, but the money is better than before.


It's over man....talking didn't work with these marxists.


Hell yeah! Keep the generalizations coming you tolerant bunch. So glad we have you here to be the thought police and lecture everyone else on what is racist and what is not. You can take your "narrative" and shove it. I'm not a politician promoting some agenda. I'm a regular person who thinks she made a moronic comment to show her social justice cred for no reason.

People should be hired based on being the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB, not the color of their skin or what's between their legs. Do you deny that statement? She wants people hired strictly for their skin tone and gender. Do you deny that with her statements?

I love it! The hypocrisy oozes out of you.

And if pointing out bullshit when I see it, hear it, and read about it makes me an "anti-SJW" as you put it, I'm more than happy to be one. I sure as hell am not a SJW, and I'm damn proud of that.

I'm all for diversity (something I've said before, but you don't respond to that because, as you put it, it doesn't fit your "narrative".) That being said...color and gender should not earn you respect. Being a good person does. Being a hard worker does. And your skin color and gender should not just simply reward you with a job either. That's wrong, and it's ridiculous.

We need more dwarfs as elephant trainers. We need more blind people as mathematicians. We need more people with Lime Disease working at Walmart. See how ridiculous this can get? Or don't you care about these people?

I've said what I've needed to say, unlike you, I hate talking about race and gender all day. These comments every time a movie comes out are starting to get really old really fast, so I felt the need to comment on this one. You wake up just hoping to argue about this stuff. It's sad. But like I said earlier, the SJW's will keep racism and sexism alive and well for decades to come. 24/7 calling people racist, sexist, Marxist, or whatever stupid ass new names come up to generalize people.

What she said was stupid. Simple as that. Stupid. She said it, it's over. I find it stupid. You love it. Good for you. Keep fighting your good fight against logic.


"diversity" just means anti-white.


She’d rather have disabled people make her movies than skilled craftsman who have devoted their lives to mastering their trade and rising to the top of their respective fields? Okay, then...let her go off and do exactly that.


Maybe she needs to get glasses because the world around her is not full of that. More than 50% of the population is men. Black people consist of less than 13% of american population (in fact that means they are overrepresented at oscars) and folks with disabilities are rare.

>I want to make content that feels like that both on camera and off it.

The entire point of making a science fiction movie is that we get to ESCAPE the reality.


PLEASE go back and actually f*ckin READ what she said! YOU people are the f*ckin WORSE!


What do you mean "You people"? Lol.

I did read what she said.


Thats the problem. We actually read what she said and didnt just automatically assume she is right because woman.


Yet she will continue to accept any role with white men that benefits her career


Yeh why do i not believe this for a second. So is she going to give back her paycheck from Thor Ragnarok, Men in Black, you know those films with white people and men.

Typical virtual signalling liberal who will vanish into abscurity once her run ends.

Keep speaking like that and Hollywood will give you your wish by not hiring you and then you won't get to work with those nasty white people.

Standard racist leftist liberal.


Ah Ragnarok. The movie with a white male lead, female villian, black Heimdall getting a big role and Odin in a retirement home. That movie?


Why the fuck do you really feel the need to include politics in this? Really, can you just shut the hell up?


and nobody want to see them take over movies like spiderman etc..... but only she is allowed an opinion


Maybe your crew is 100% white because they were the best people for the job? Why the fuck would you hire people based on colour just to be diverse.. THAT is racism. Maybe tell her to stop being an entitled little shit.


But racism targeted against whites and straight men is the way you get ahead in Hollywood. Forget about hiring the best for the job or hiring and actor or actress that is the best fit for how the writer wrote the character, we need to throw in the poor choices based solely to skin color.

There is a reason China will move past Hollywood in movies in the near future. When China makes a film where the characters were written as white men they use white men in the roles, they don't say well gee all our people in China a Chineses so lets just use Chinese actors... But in Hollywood it wouldn't matter if they brought back The Waltons, they wouldn't cast an all white group of actors in the roles of the Waltons they would be throwing in the token black, the token hispanic, the token asian... every little box ticked with no thought to keeping true to the actual story they were supposed to be telling. It is the reason so many people don't bother with a lot of the movies today. Sure the box office receipts seems to be strong for some movies, but a lot of that strength isn't from the number of tickets sold as much as it is from the price being charged for the tickets. Most of the theaters near me have now gone to these reclining seat, food serving theaters where the ticket prices are 2 or 3 times as much as the were before. So when a movie grosses 300 million it probably doesn't actually get anymore viewers than the movie 5 years ago that only had 150 million in sales.

Hollywood is killing itself with affirmative action.


Yeah.... not a good movie in ages.
i liked the raunchy comedies by seth rogen and the likes....... those days are gone.
movies like that will not be made, due to PC and SJW, feminist agendas......... and the actors themselves turned into little shits.
The Trump win in 16 rotted their brains.
Sad stuff, also for a non american like me.


Exactly. That's the saddest part of all of this - I believe the concept of a "comedy movie" may be dead forever. Now days, it seems like you only ever see Comedy/Drama in the genre listings. And even then, the split seems to be about 20/80, in favor of drama. And the, roughly, 20% of "comedy" that is in it is just terrible and not actually funny, at all.


it's not easy to make a comedy these days.... when you can't make fun of: fat people, too skinny people, women for whatever reason, gays, drug users, any kind of "foreigner"


remember that tranny in The Wedding Singer??



yes, and when SNL was funny

New Bravo Show - Saturday Night Live

tranny ! Aired 03/08/08


And then she goes on to say, "I want to see work that really looks like the world in which we live. There are lots of people of colour ..." Which is true in most towns and cities and a fair point. I wonder how many in this thread bothered to follow the link?


Yes there are lots of people of colour but im afraid to say in western europe and america there are more white people, considerably more white people.

So based on her statement of "I want to see work that really looks like the world in which we live. There are lots of people of colour ..."

Based on figures from the United States Census Bureau. Currently it is 76.6% white, 13.4% Black, everything else 10%, but as the issue is white and black lets focus on that.

UK is 87.2% white, 3% black and contribute to the American Movie Industry.

So by those statistics out of every 10 people then 8 will be white and 1 will be black and other will be 1 also. So to have what she wants then you have to commit racism by not allowing the majority to work in the field they want. I thought they were against that, i thought racism was bad. Obviously not when you are black. So if she is walking into work and sees predominately white then she is statistically working in the world she lives in.

But of course agree and allow people like this to keep pushing the victim, racism card.


If all films were set in the middle American farm belt or rural South Wales that might be true. But they tend to set films in big Cities so, if shooting in London something like 40+% of the cast should be non-white. It's not unreasonable to want to walk on to a set that bares some resemblence to real life.


Don't let statistics and facts get in the way. Keep pushing the anti-white racism.

Tessa Thompson was born and raised in Los Angeles which based on the census is 9.8% black so again only 1 in every 10 will be black as i stated above. So the world she lives in is exactly as the statistics proove, she has no argument and is just being racist.


Well you have to remember that in America blacks are the most racist people you'll ever meet. They try to live in clusters so I'm willing to bet that most blacks that live in LA live in a predominately black area. Not that that is a bad thing, at least non-blacks know which areas of town to avoid so they don't give robbed and shot by a wanna-be gangsta.


I agree if we shoot in London the vast majority of cast should be illegal immigrants.


Good point. That's certainly the strongest argument for Thompson's detractors on this board so far. I didn't think I could come up with a counter argument.

But I did and when it came to me it actually seemed a lot simpler than it first appeared.

I'll start by saying that statistics are unreliable and can be adapted to fit different arguments. When I googled it I got different figures to you.

According to Wikipedia the percentage of whites in the US is 72.4%. Black and African American is 12.6% and the largest group of ethnic minorities is Hispanic and Latino Americans with 16.3%

Well over a quarter of Americans are not white.

Things are all a matter of perspective. The average amount of people on a movie set is 588. So reflecting the reality of America would mean that we would see 165 people of colour on a movie set and 294 women. That's something that you would notice.

Even if you only have a small indie crew of around 20 that's 5 or 6 people of colour and 10 women. That would look diverse.

But as I say, statistics are sketchy so I'd say both our arguments are unfortunately invalid.


I appreciate the rebuttle but i am struggling with the maths you have presented. You give almost the same statistics i did but i didn't rely on an easily edited website, mine came from the United States Census Bureau, if they are not accurate then the census is struggling lol.

Anyway based on your numbers and statistics. 588 x12.6% (African American) is 74.088, lets round down to 74, not the 165 you stated. 588x72.4% (White) would be 425.712, so round up to 426. I agree to split men and woman 50/50, i am aware there are currrently more woman then men but for sake of argument 50/50 is fine.

So final numbers would be;

White men = 213
White Woman = 213
African American Men = 37
African American Woman = 37
Final 88 made up of everyting else.

Even the indie example you gave wouldn't be 5/6 it would be 1 or 2 based on the current 12.6%, so statistically 1 man and 1 woman of colour.

So to make it easier for evey 100 people you would see 12 men and woman of colour and in every 10 would be about 1/2. Her argument doesn't hold up to current statstics.

Not knocking your numbers i just couldn't figure out how you came to them, that was all.

Final point about Tessa Thompson and others like her. Instead of constantly pushing the diversty/racism agenda. How about find out why there are more whiites in the movie industry. Instead of constantly blaming people and playing victim, how about taking responsibility for your own actions. Unfortunately for these liberal types it is easier to just blame sexism and racism.


There is no secret as to why there are more whites in the movie industry... it is the same reason you have more blacks in the NBA. Which brings up a very interesting point... why aren't the actors that squawk about the lower number in the film industry up in arms about the lack of proper diversity in the NBA. Shouldn't we force the NBA to lower the number of black players they get on the roster to no more than 2 black players? I mean if we want to have business run based on quotas to insure the correct number of each race... why don't we do that?

I always find it so ridiculous when people push for quota, or colleges use quotas to get a mix of races in their student body... but then when it comes to sports they suddenly just want the best person regardless of the skin color.


Quotas are just a mechanism to correct unfair bias. They're crude and sometimes unfair in themselves but hopefully only required in the short term.


quota have been used for decades now. If they were only going to be used for a short time to correct a previous bias that time as long passed. The reality is some groups don't put as much of an emphasis on education and the result should be a lower percentage of that group going to college. To use quotas to put under qualified students in colleges and thus keep more qualified students of another race out is indefensible.


Yup. Affirmative Action is complete bullshit. Also, blacks comprise 13% of the population, since black males are about half of that its about 6-7% of America are black males. Guess who commits the majority of crime by an OVERWHELMING amount? Yup, black males. 6-7% of the country commits ~50% of the crimes. MLK would be rolling in his grave if he knew what the majority of black people had become today.


The assumtption that there is unfair bias is groundless.


Our maths is different because you are only counting African Americans as people of colour. The term "People of Colour" refers to any ethnicity other than whites. Which would be 27.6% and make 165 on an average film set according to Wikipedia's statistics. Though I don't trust any statistics.

I don't understand why you are only counting African Americans in your calculations because Thompson didn't specify only black people.

I do 100% agree that they should focus more on why there are more white men in the movie industry. Is it because of a lack of education and opportunities for minorities? And I think it's possible there are less women involved because it's just an area that women are less interested in. When I was on my film course at University there was about 200 guys and only about 15 girls.

Though you're far from the only one that does it, I'm not a fan of dismissing all "liberal types" into this one camp. Because I've always been a liberal and it's only recently that the easily offended and over the top PC preachers have taken things to such extremes under the name of liberalism. I don't see them as liberals because they are very controlling. And control is not what the word liberalism means. There should be a new political term to describe them.


I specificaly choose African Americans because Tessa Thompson is African American. She wants the world she grew up in to be represented and that would more than likely be African American.

Classing Asians and Hispanics as people of colour can be debated all day long, personally i don't class them in the same way as African Americans no matter the definition as Hispanic/Latino is not a race.

The statistics work both ways (i checked your numbers) so techincally we are both right. It also shows that no matter which way there are just statistically more White people and so the chances are in certain industries they will dominate. My issue personally with this whole thing is the same as any other actor/politician/twitter knobhead is if there is an industry that is predominately white male somehow that is bad, needs changing, needs representation, must have diversity. But other industries that are predominately female and/or black are perfectly fine and must be left alone.

So the only conclusion can be made that everytime something like this is mentioned then it is once again just code for less white men and that i am afraid is very definition of racism. But of course that won't happen because the media have brainwashed the world that sexism is only a male thing and racism is only a white thing.

One day this will all implode on itself and everyone will see these SJW idiots for who they really are.

I enjoyed the statistical debate, thank you.


Hey man i would just like to point out that Hispanic/Latinos are actually white. They are descendants of white colonists. The Mestizo (mixed race of colonist and local) is actually a small minority of central/south america with no country counting more than 10% population. Some people like to claim they are for social reasons, but genetics prove otherwise. Therefore that 16,3% should be added to the number of white people.


They may well be. But the argument is that they are an oppressed minority and thus would be included in Thompson's claims of exclusion. When someone uses the expression "people of colour", hispanics are included in this description. They are regarded as an ethnic minority even if it may not be technically true. It's possible to be racist to someone if they are hispanic.

Believe me I am not a fan of all the extreme PC culture of today. Taking offense at everything is not a way to go about life. But at the same time we shouldn't call out every single thing that is said in the name of diversity. The end result is that you just have two opposing sides constantly calling each other out.

In this case what Thompson said is a reasonable thing to say.


In most towns and cities in africa perhaps, certainly not in US.


You didn't really read, comprehend or even understand the article did you?


You can't read between the lines, can you? You take everything someone says at face value without considering how the choice of words betrays certain attitudes, don't you?


There is nothing to read between the lines and yet you prefer to infer your own biases and misconceptions based on what you "feel", and not what she said, either objectively or subjectively between her stated lines or words.

Yet in still, even if you personally infer that her attitude and or her choice of words are betraying something unsaid, just WHAT is it that is being portrayed? Be brave and just come out and state it.

As to her appearance: What is it that makes her unattractive to you that makes you not want to see the film? Attractiveness is subjective of course but what is it in particular that you find not appealing? Lastly, films are not made for YOU specifically. You do know that don't you? As to her unstated take on "Identity" and Melanin or lack there of? She dated a Melanin challenged individual for years so I don't think she is biased against Caucasians or Whites. Being that her mother is of European-Mexican descent and her dad is Panamanian, I'd think you'd be hard pressed to find some inherent bias in her words and statements. Did her words cause your "Bias-Sense" to tingle like Spider-Man?

Truth be told you know nothing about her. Yu don't read well. You comprehend poorly. You're biased. You hear what you want to hear.


What makes her unattractive is her face. Because it’s ugly.




The title of the article has twisted her words. She said "I don't want to show up on set and see just a bunch of white people". Which is a completely fair thing to say. That word "just" is a strong word and can completely change the meaning and intent of the sentence.

What she said is nothing like the kind of thoughtless idiocy of Brie Larson's infamous statement. Who basically said that white men have no right to have an opinion on a film about black people.

Criticism where criticism is due but we live in a culture now where words are being heavily twisted to fit political agendas. And both "sides" are guilty.



You're focusing on a single word "just" and not considering the attitude she's conveying. I'd like you to image a white person saying something similar. Imagine a white basketball player bemoaning the lack of diversity in the sport and saying "I don't want to show up on the court and see just a bunch of black people".

It's one thing to say, "I'd like to encourage more diversity... etc., etc." and quite another to call the industry "a bunch of white people". If you can't recognize the thinly-veiled contempt and hatred inherent in her wording and her hypocritical desire to work only with people who look like her - while calling that "diversity", I can't help you. I just hope you're white, male and young enough to eventually live the fruits of your blindness toward what's coming your way.


To clarify: I'm also not a fan of the excessive PC attitude we've been saturated with and has us all treading on eggshells or the patronizing way issues of race can be often be dealt with. But I'm certainly not against diversity either.

You may be right and there may be thinly-veiled hatred and contempt behind Thompson's words, but as of yet, in the words she has used, without hearing the tone of her voice, there is no evidence of that. "Reading between the lines" isn't evidence here and assumptions are being made of her intent. She even goes on to clarify by saying that she wants the film set to reflect reality. If there really is contempt behind her words then the article wouldn't have needed to adapt her words for the title. If you are correct and she really is as you say, then at some point she will slip up.

But the more important and bigger picture is that if every celeb or person that says something pro-diversity is criticized in a harsh way then it means that what you and others are saying will be ignored and dismissed. The kind of excessive PC people who need to hear and think about what you and others suggest will have the excuse to brand you as right wing extremists and put their hands over their ears. And all that will be achieved is arguments with no "side" listening to each other.

The thing is, most of the people who say these things are not right wing extremists. Some of them may be but I think most aren't. I don't know you so maybe you are but I'm going to assume for now that you are not. And I think if you and others hold off and apply what you have to say at the right moments in a diplomatic way you will be taken more seriously and it will be much more beneficial. Because the two "sides" simply at each others throats doesn't achieve anything.

That's the reason I bring up Brie Larson's comments. Because that was clearly the right situation where the error is right there in her words. You don't need to read between the lines.