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How the hell did this get 7/10?!? This movie sucks

I get that this movie is low budget but it still sucks
It lacks any redeeming quality
If you want to see low budget done right go watch wood chipper massacre or even sloppy the psychotic
A run of the mill fart has more entertainment value than this pice of cinematic garbage
Actors can't act
To much dialog done poorly
Nothing interesting happens until the last 10 min literally
Most anti climactic ending ever
This movie is a waste of time


Yeah, easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Obviously the people that worked on/in the film and their friends came on here and gave the good reviews and high numerical ratings The funniest thing about this movie was in some scenes they covered up parts of the Toyotas emblem and in some scenes it didn't. What the hell is that all about? And what was with the two fake rednecks? They had earrings in both ears! The only thing good about it was most of the girls had great boobs.