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when will it come back on in usa?

fall of 2015?


I do not think the show is coming back. When a series is ongoing or definitely considered for renewal, the start year is listed followed by a dash and nothing more. However, if there is a start year listed with a dash and ending with a year- that usually indicates an cancellation or completion of a series.

Example of ongoing, "will be renewed" (2013- )... Example of cancellation of a show (2013-2015).


It's was cancelled by ABC back in May, unfortunately. That doesn't mean that it could be picked up elsewhere, but the show was/is probably outside the budget for The Food Network and The Cooking Channel.

Also, Nigella has a new show for the BBC she promoting and Anthony said not a word about the show when he was on The Late Show last month. Considering he and Nigella were the executive producers, it's fairly apparent that they've moved on to other things.