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I really wanted to like this show.. but it's too scripted.

I enjoyed season 1, even though I could tell it was scripted.... but Season 2 just jumps the shark. I had to stop watching when the workers were "protesting" with signs outside of the warehouse, with Si leading the protest.

That whole thing was so cringey and obviously scripted... I can't watch this anymore.

And I must admit, the sexualization of Phil and his wife Miss Kay makes me want to barf. She's too old, fat, and supposed to be a Christian to be talking about sex so much.

Too bad, because I'm a Southerner and I relate to these guys, but it's just too fake.


Oh it's terrible...they are terrible actors. I had it on in the background because it started after a show I was watching and I was like "What is this terribly scripted show with terrible actors?!'s Duck Dynasty..."