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100 Things We learned from Insidious: Chapter 2


First i would like to say that i liked the two movies ( Insidious I & II ), but that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun.

OK you all know how this game goes. I will start...

1. if there is a ghost endangering your baby-girl in a closed room try not t to disturb it knock two times gently on the door and then try to listen it slap your daughter in the walkie-talkie.


2. If a patient in the ICU where you work kills himself at the hospital, you won't find out about it until the end of your shift the next day.

3. If you think someone is possessed by a spirit and you want to sedate him, send in the oldest, weakest guy to do it while you wait in the van.


4. If your infant has been assaulted twice in a few days its completely ok to pick it up until it stops crying, then go back to lovingly neglecting it.
5. If a serial killer knocks multiple people uncouncious instead of killing them, he will instead sit in the dark waiting to surprise his family.
6. When being assaulted by the possessed body of your husband/ son you should never hit him too hard, because its fine if he kills you but god forbid you defend yourself.
7. It is customary to drop kids off at random times of night, and not walk them to the door especially when an exercism was scheduled to occur.



13.At night if u hear someone's voice in the communication device and you realize that its not your would just be silent and not call your brother for help

14.If there is voice from the closet, u would ask who u are and what u want

16.If there is a killing, police would just pick up 1 suspect and leave the case

17.After so many ghosty things happening u would allow your children to sleep alone and u would sleep peacefully

18.If someone is killed in your house, u would not suspect whether the ghost killed her or your husband killer her

19.U would not ask your husband question to test whether its really him or someone in his body after he behaves suspiciously

20.Ghost are really unpredictable, they can cut your arm or bam doors but cant kill anyone

21.If u see ghost going from one room to other... try going after it instead of getting scared.
Noonone is afraid of ghosts in this movie

#Liked the film though....


22. If you see a tooth on the floor with the bloody root still attached and the person you're talking to looks abnormal, pretend all is OK and continue the conversation until he gets a knife.

23. Want to know how to abandon a hospital and a house so that it is ready for the victims to explore?
a. Leave it standing boarded up and ready for people to explore and find their fate. Never ever tear them down or empty them!
b. Leave patient records lying around for the public to find to tie into the killer/monster story. After all, who gives a damn about patient records back in the pre-HIPAA days? They killed the patients anyway, so toss the records and get out!
c. Bring the least best light sources. Never ever take time to go to a hardware store to buy good equipment to light your way in the abandoned building.
d. Always believe what you see and hear in the darkness. Don't test the person you did not expect to see in the darkness because everything is always what it seems. Creepy ghosts, demons and killer post postpartum psycho mothers wearing too much make up are from Hell, where they always speak the truth and never lie to the living.

24. If you're done with the current actors, or they are too embarrassed to do a 3rd sequel,toss in some newbie characters. This time switch up sexes and add some diversity for spice just to prove that ghosts are equal opportunity possessors. Be sure to keep the old chick, she needs the work.


25. "I know what happened. I went in that place to get our son back and something evil followed me, who killed Elise. You saw it. You saw those things. Listen. Nothing is gonna bother us. We have our family back. We have our son. Isn't that what we should be focussing on?" is the perfect thing to tell your wife when she is convinced paranormal entities are out to kill your family. This statement will put her at complete ease and you two can go about your daily life with no further discussion of the subject.

26. Cops will call the wife of the man they suspect of murder to tell her that crucial evidence in their case against him hurts their case.

27. Cops will then completely drop their investigation and never be heard from again because of this 1 piece of evidence, despite their prime suspect being the only one with opportunity to commit the crime and HAVING A FREAKIN' PICTURE OF HIM COMMITTING THE CRIME!!!!

28. When a demon possesses your body, they look exactly like you and sound exactly like you, but have different fingers when committing murders.

29. Nurses who ride in elevators with dead patients don't think there is any correlation between those dead patients randomly attacking their sons and the fact that their sons are now being stalked by the dead. Just 2 random paranormal experiences, they suppose.

30. Hollywood thinks that 33 years is long enough for horror fans to forget The Shining.


31. In the spirit world, everyone automatically knows Latin, and will use it when communicating with the living via Ouija dice, because they can.


I don't come from hell. I came from the forest.


32. Woman must continue their wifely duties of laundry and being in the kitchen, even if there are terrorizing ghosts and murders happening.

33. Elyse is an one epic character, and quite deadly with a rocky horse.

34. If you get knocked out, take this opportunity to go explore the fog world. Elyse can still feel your heartbeat so you're good.

They mostly come at night, mostly......


35. If you wandering around in some abandond house of someone who died, there will be all kinds of stuff laying around, like alot of toys and other stuff and no homeless person have taken advatange of this forgotten place.

36. When you are in this abondond house, you will find out things that the police have never been able to find, like 35 intact bodies of long gone missing victims behind a bookshelf.

37. When you do this remarkable find of dead bodies, you will not call the police and tell em that you just cracked a case who goes way back in time, you will just leave the house and never tell a living soul of what happened or what you did discover.

~If the realistic details fails, the movie fails~


38. When haunted in one gigantic house, run away to another humongous house and hide-out there. This will give you the freedom and space to run in and out of various rooms, as well as providing ample hiding places from those demons.