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One thing I like about Whannel/Wan films

Is that they coat their film series in seemingly inexplainable events that are explained either later in the same film or in subsequent ones.

Examples of both in the Insidious films:

1) In this movie, young Josh is shown talking to someone, then getting up and pointing to a door. We have no idea why at the time, but later on its shown that he was talking to his older self.

2) in the first movie, there's the scene where Renai and Josh were going to bed and they hear a noise. Josh goes downstairs, doesn't see anyone, locks the door and sets the alarm. A minute later, the alarm goes off and the front door is wide open. It didn't make sense, but became a sort of forgotten point. It's explained in this one that it's the further's Josh.

Well done on both!

Other than the very end of I:C2, I wonder if there are any scenes in it that didn't make much sense, wasn't explained by the end of the movie, only to be explained in Chapter 4.

This is a reason why I love the Saw films. Things don't always make sense until they're explained in subsequent films.

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