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How exactly are you supposed to rate this?

Like, I get that it is an extremely important event in cinematic history, and is classically regarded as one of the first films, but how does one assign a rating to that? I can't give it a ten for that alone, because then it would be placed among films like 2001 and Jaws and whatnot: i.e. actual narative films. But to give it any others score would be weird, because what else is there to judge it on?

Also, who the hell gave this a 1 star? Why? What did they expect, Citizen Kane?

See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.


The breakthrough in this being one of the earliest films is enough to give it a 10 in my opinion. All disbeliefs of "oh but there's nothing that's a 10 in the movie" has to be suspended. Although this is just my opinion.. I totally see people not giving it a 10, but a 1 is absolutely unprecedented.