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Hard to Find a good Play in Movie Form

This was very good. I have not seen one play in recent years that could stand up as a movie-- and a good one at that. Michelle was very poised, beautiful speaking voice and sweet singing voice. Brian White, very handsome and good acting skills-- giving emotion and sensual vibes. Will watch again!

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I think this movie actually had substance. I agree with you about the part about a play being a movie!I'm not sure if this is Michelle's first acting gig, but i think she will get better. none the less she was surrounded by some acting veterans!

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I just watched it yesterday and agree that it was a good play.

Ann Nesby has such a commanding singing voice and her songs truly fit the scenes. Brian White was good in this too. His eyes say so much and he played the hell out of that character. Michelle definitely has great stage presence and I think she should continue acting. Clifton Davis is legendary. It must have really been great to work with him. This is a play I'd watch again for sure.

Some of these gospel-themed plays seem to last forever, but this one had a nice, steady pace.

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