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the more liberal the city...

...the more illegal it is to recycle other people's items.

new york times: "Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed into law a bill that greatly increased penalties for people who are caught ... stealing metal, paper or other recyclable material that is left at a curb. Instead of the $100 ticket ... [you can] now be fined at least $2,000 and could have his van impounded."

usa today: "Pilfering cans, bottles and other recyclables from bins is already illegal in many places, including San Francisco and New York City."

usa today: "In San Francisco, poachers can be fined up to $500 and get six months jail time. In New York, thieves are subject to arrest, vehicle impoundment and fines of up to $5,000."

usa today: "California lawmakers are also considering legislation that would make large-scale, anonymous recycling more difficult by forcing scrap and paper recyclers to require picture identification for anyone bringing in more than $50 worth of cans, bottles or newspapers and to pay such individuals with checks rather than cash."

usa today: "In Westchester County, New York, a proposal would make large-scale curbside recycling theft punishable by time behind bars and fines of up to $2,000."


liberal? where?


You do realize that Bloomberg is a Republican right? And cops certainly don't stop anyone from going through the trash for bottles. And that law may have more to do with picking up furniture and appliances on the side of the road. There are issues with bedsits picking up thrown out mattresses (by the truckload) which are usually put out because of bedbug infestations.


Ya...bedbugs. I'm neurotic about them.
I will NEVER pick up furniture from the side of the road, even if it looks perfect. I won't even buy used furniture from Craigslist or garage sales for that VERY issue.
Makes me feel crawly and itchy just thinking about it.