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100 Things I Learned from The Rocket

1. If mosquitoes bite you, you are stupid.
2. If you are stymied in your effort to create your magnum opus, drink up, whip it out and let it flow.
3. A quick method of teaching co-operation, initiative and compassion to a primitive, superstitious people is by liberally sprinkling their countryside with high-grade explosives.
4. In Northern Laos, doggy style works well for output too.
5. Use your crone for profitable financial management.
6. In communist Asia, marketing follows sales.
7. Your killer skillz at pushing indoors may not be as effective outdoors.
8. I can build rockets out of pee and poo, but do they call me a Scientist? Nooo... I can make mangos grow in thin air, do the call me an Agriculturist? Noooo… But getting my mum killed just once, I’m a motherf… forever.
9. The secret to winning high tech contests lies in harnessing bat-sh it crazy ghost consultants.