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Why the fake US accents and setting this in the USA?

Ouch, I picked up on the bad accents real fast. Then I see this was made in New Zealand with Australian and New Zealand actors? Why not just keep it set in New Zealand?


Suspension of disbelief and For the market:

No Yank would EVER accept that a cancer cure could come from anywhere but 'Murica - especially not NZ... all they know about NZ is that they bugger sheep and Kim Dotcom stole from the poor media people.

So - Film probably made with Australian taxpayer funding, set in the US to get the market and to salve their Yank egos over being the "best of the best"...


Wow... Hate the U.S. much ???


I despise the US attitude of:

We're the best (no, they're not).

We won the war (WW2, no, the yanks helped, Vietnam got their arses kicked..).

Nothing would exist if it wasn't for the superbly wonderful Americans.. no, dream on, the US hasn't really done much at all, just take over other people's ideas..

We want to be world police - even if it mean riding roughshod over your human rights and freedoms of speech, interfering in your country, whatever.

If we can't be world police, we'll just enforce our laws with trade agreements.

Basically, yes.. I despise the US.



Yes, very true.

The "land of the free" is a myth; something they brainwash into the kids every day with the pledge in front of the flag.



In the UK and in Australia - no one does the "allegiance" thing.

One could be nasty and say that we know we're fantastic, you lot have to rote-repeat it, brainwash style... but I won't... oh.. I just did..


The oddity is that there nothing wrong with being proud of your country - but the repetitive pledge of allegiance hasn't really done anything to help with US internal problems.



Yes, I knew that about the "Hitler salute" - seeing all those little kids (from around the pre 1934 era) doing that salute is odd...

There's nothing wrong with being proud and joyous about your homeland.

I'm an atheist, but I fully understand the concept of "god's own country", and Northern England and Scotland Is just that.

(Have you ever seen Julia Bradbury and "Wainwright's walks" DVD/video? WELL worth a look!) --

The problems start when pride stops you from seeing the problems (or from admitting them)

(I love the UK but I can see the crap that happens too (the drivers, in particular, are dumb as dogsheet; the TVs are full of gambling adverts, payday loan adverts, and ultra-crap RealityTV shows!))

And your last paragraph is refreshingly honest, coming from an American.
Few of you have the guts and balls to accept that the US isn't the beacon of light and freedom it's portrayed as.

To be honest... you give me hope for the US - all it takes is more and more of you to be as honest with yourselves and the US might become great.

(We had an Empire that owned 1/2 the world - yes, it's gone now and Britain is nothing like it once was -- but we know our mistakes and can see you lot starting to make them)