List of Films Discussed?

Anyone seen this and want to comment on what films were discussed?

I know it showed on September 7th at the Toronto Film Festival. I found a decent list of films covered here:

Just wondering if anyone else has seen it and would like to add to that list.

On a side note: can't wait for this to get a wider release! I hope it comes to Seattle for SIFF next year or something.


The wikipedia article has just that:'s_Guide_to_Ideology

Haven't seen the movie but really looking forward to it.


I've PGTI a few days ago. I'm from Slovenia so Žižek is my countryman, I've read a couple of his books and seen quite a few lectures (I caught him live twice) and videos on Youtube. Although there are frequent repetitions of known anecdotes and jokes he makes, I find him interesting more than 90% of the time, which is huge I think. The list of the films as I remember is (not in exact order:

Taxi Driver,
A Clockwork Orange,
Loves Of A Blonde,
Full Metal Jacket,
Triumph Of The Will,
The Last Temptation of Christ,
They Live,
The Dark Knight,
West Side Story,
The Sound Of Music,
The Searchers,
Fireman's Ball,
Brief Encounter
The Fall Of Berlin,

I might have forgot one or two and there are also tons of archive footage. It's not easy to watch and listen, it can be complicated if you are not used to topics like critique of ideology, but it helps a lot if you like movies and have seen at least some from the list.

I made a list of discussed films. I reeeally like Slavoj Žižek's way of thinking :D


There's at least one more:

"Tokio Olympiad"(1965). I included it in 'Connections'.

And at the end, when he talks about past revolutions and we see an old b/w film about the Russian Revolution, it could be Eisenstein's "October", but the source is not cited and I'm not 1oo% sure...