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OK, I get it ... this is for young people to discredit Marxism

This fruitcake rant, who self-identifies as a Marxist, is all about helping to bad jacket or associate nonsense and stupidity with Marxism. This is some kind of disinformation lark. Very bad energy here.

If you want to know about Marxism, watch or read anything with Richard Wolff in it. Wolff is probably the clearest voice to explain Marxist thought ... which is a bit of a misnomer anyway. Marx, was not really a Marxist, he was the premier critic of the abuses and patterns of Capitalism. There really is nothing called Marxism as a system of government or an economy.

Anyway, this here should really be called the guide to disinformation by the disinformation perverts.


So YOU have read das kapital?


You're first two posts were more accurate. You really don't know what this film is about.

In a way though you've given a good example of one of the points made in the film. Fantasy as a lie substituting the understanding of motivations and desires of others that we cannot already understand or comprehend. Or perhaps choose to deny understanding of their motivations and desires. You've fantasised that the movie's purpose is to inform or misinform and misguide as a comprehensive explanation of marxism so that you can object and impose a narrative which you subcsribe to.

@Twitzkrieg - Glasgow's FOREMOST authority


I took classes with Wolff and Resnick and I don't think they'd oppose what Zizek is saying. In fact, they both talked at length about the very things Zizek points to, the ideology embedded within products (Coca Cola was his example, Resnick often used the example of a car).

There point of this film is not to construct Marxist ideology but rather to deconstruct capitalistic ideology, which Zizek would probably argue is a necessary prerequisite for communism at this point in time. In my classes, Wolff and Resnick did precisely the same thing. They first laid out a deconstruction of capitalism (and in fact focused more on this than even explaining communist ideology). Perhaps this because for those living under capitalism it's necessary to understand it first before you can lay out an alternative.

Who knows. In any case, I don't think Zizek is talking nonsense. It's just not normal political discourse that we're used to.


He may be the greatest genius of all time, but if he cannot get his ideas across clearly, who cares?

The point is that economics, social justice, all are ideas that are difficult to explain, and then once
understood and grasped - you either decide to go with justice of not to care about it. So, the
argument between the two sides is tough and complex, and better to be armed with something
better than this guy's overly complex nonsense.


but if he cannot get his ideas across clearly

It thought they were pretty clear. It's as the previous poster said, he deconstructs capitialist ideology. He clearly does not construct or claim to construct marxist ideology here.

Your complaint is like objecting to someone else's idea that "Iced cream is overpriced." because it's unclear that they are objecting to the retail price of iced cream, simply because you wrongly assumed they they were attempting to discredit the concept of the free trade of frozen dairy products as opposed to its equal distribution.

Glasgow's FOREMOST authority Italics = irony. Infer the opposite please.


It thought they were pretty clear.
I agree.

I could see how someone who doesn't want to do any self-reflection could take it personally though.


I hope the OP eventually comes back and feels the guilt and shame for making such a crappy thread.