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It's called 'The Pervert's Guide...' because

Zizek argues that Cinema is the "ultimate pervert art" for it does not provide what you desire but teaches you how to desire. He says this at the start of the earlier film, The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (2006).


In psychoanalysis The Prevert is characterized by having the fantasy that he acts as the instrument through which others derive their pleasure. In the case of cinema, the very act of watching a film is in itself a preverted act as it is based on the fantasy that I, the watcher, am the object-cause of desire that allows the movie characters to themselves enjoy and move the narrative forward with their desires. Movie watching is a voyeuristic act at it's core.

In reality it is of course the contrary, the movie itself, insofar as it intelligeble, eg: if it makes me feel something, is in fact teaching me, moving around the gears of my drive and generating me new desires.