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This was the first movie I saw Colin Farrell in

I saw it in theaters, but I only really got into films in the last three years, so it wasn't until later that I learned he has a hit-or-miss record in movies; he was so phenomenal in this that I couldn't understand why some people didn't like him as an actor. As such, I don't think I'll ever dislike him. His performance in this is heartbreaking and beautiful and I'm still annoyed that he and Emma Thompson were not nominated for Oscars.

Fun fact: I had never seen a picture of Colin Farrell before, but my friend has thick, dark eyebrows and she used to pull them up into a very sad position and insist that she looked just like Colin Farrell. As I watched this in theaters, I remember thinking "hey, I bet that guy is Colin Farrell 'cause he looks just like Margaret when she does her eyebrows." Lo and behold.


Thanks for sharing...