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When you sign a contract you lose all book rights.


P.L. Travers didn't like the Mary Poppins movie, she wanted the movie to be a serious motion picture, we all know that. The documentary is interesting as well as this movie. The thing is she was obviously naive about her rights when signing that contract. Hollywood tried to make this flick have a happy ending with Walt Disney flying over here to England and visiting P.L. Travers and them both having a cosy cup of tea together, ha ha that never happened, they couldn't stand each other, he never even invited her to the movie premier, she invited herself, why would he waste his time and money visiting her when the movie had already been made?!

Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks were great in their roles, the movie isn't great, but it got it's message across, people need to know the truth about the Mary Poppins flick that it wasn't all fun and sun, the author and the entire Disney company did not see eye to eye at all, that was the truth of it all, and now they're doing a remake of Mary Poppins, it's a joke and it's going to be fake as hell for the fact that it's made off of the back of the conflict between Walt Disney and P.L. Travers the author.


The documentary

It's not a documentary. This was a story that took liberties. As for a remake almost everything will be remade, some multiple times. It happens, even to classics.

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