The Real Story of January 6

A good documentary with video clips and footage not shown in mainstream media.


• 500+ BLM Riots
• Left-wing
• Lasted Seven Months
• 20+ Murders by Participants
• Hundreds of Small Businesses Destroyed
• 150+ Federal Buildings Damaged
• $1B - $2B Damage
• 2,037 Officers Assaulted
• Protesters Bailed Out
• Encouraged By Media & Politicians
• Downplayed By the Media
• National Encouragement
• January 6
• Right-wing
• Lasted A Couple Hours
• Zero Murders by Participants
• No Small Businesses Destroyed
• One Federal Building Damaged
• $1.5M Damage
• 140 Officers Assaulted
• Protesters Kept In Solitary Confinement
• Encouraged By Fringe Political Groups and Agitators
• Exaggerated By the Media
• National Outrage
Ep. 61 - This the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th.

A Rep-member of the oversight committee interviewed by Tucker Carlson:

- At around 1:12, Director Wray refuses to answer the question about whether the FBI had confidential human sources embedded in the crowds with a direct “Yes or No” answer.

- Between 18:00 - 23:00, he confirms that there were at least 200+ federal assets embedded in the crowds.

January 6th, 2021 Video Archive:

Why the Left Wants Jacob Chansley Dead:


Guess who? I think you forgot to mention that a riot lasting 7 months compared to a day is going to result in more tragedies and destruction. I love your obsession with going as far right as you can go.


So that makes it ok.

Btw, that was not “a riot”, that was “many riots”...


LOL. He thinks that because the BLM riots lasted longer they were preferable and less serious. Can you have a more twisted mindset than that guy?


"A bake sale, also known as a cake sale or cake stall, is a fundraising activity where baked goods such as doughnuts, cupcakes and cookies, sometimes along with other foods, are sold. Bake sales are usually held by small, non-profit organizations, such as clubs, school groups and charitable organizations."


Great Imdb review, 1/10!

Surprised considering it was Epoch Times.
OldGeezer916 12 March 2024

There was no bombshells in this documentary. They criticized that some video evidence that could possibly be exculpatory to some of the defendants was not provided to them. There was 144,000 hours. If their lawyers worked round the clock for 1,833 days, maybe they might have found it. There was acknowledgement of the violence & it started by the protesters. A lot that happened was never mentioned. The police beaten with flagpoles & fire extinguishers. They talked about the chemical repellents, but only by the cops. Failed to mention the many protesters that came with bear spray, body armor & some with zip ties.. No telling about the rioters who defalcated & smeared it everywhere. Was surprised considering the right leaning of Epoch Times they didn't push the conspiracies that it was Antifa of an FBI inside job. The cops used less than lethal measures, but even then there is always the possibility of someone being injured. Wasn't like it was Kent State. Ashlee Babbit was one of the first ones breaking into the chambers while the members were still being evacuated. She is not a martyr.


A review by a shill? lol

It doesn't matter what side Epoch leans to, all the information from their documentary has already been verified and confirmed at the oversight hearings. I also provided an entire archive of videos to back it up.




Conservatives are now reduced to spending all their times consoling themselves with narratives about how "the left" are just as bad or worse and how the real story is not the attack on the Capitol, but the theory that everybody should pretend it never happened they way they claim that everyone pretends that the "left" never does anything bad and how that hurts conservatives feelings.

You will excuse anyone on the right doing anything bad if you can claim that parity of esteem is not being ensured by "them" in the media.

It is fucking pathetic. The right in the US is basically a reality TV "star" continually battling to see how they can manage good/bad publicity to their net advantage.


And some of those on the right are nothing but leftist fakes and impostors pretending to be on the right so they can convince gullible imbeciles of the same nonsense that you regurgitated.


What on earth makes you think I'm pretending to be right?

You don't need to be pretending to be right to point out how utterly and patehtically transparent the motive is behind shit like this. There is not new evidence that refutes any charges brought against participants in Jan 6.
This is nothing but a PR retaliation for what conservative pussies term "propaganda" when the behaviour of the morons in their ranks is exposed on TV. "But whatabout...". Pitiful turd polishing.


What on earth makes you think I'm pretending to be right?

Where did I say that you were?

The source information behind that documentary has already been confirmed and verified at the oversight hearings.

Everything else you stated is a rant.


Then why bring it up?

And who said anything about verification? Not me.

I'm talking about the reality TV level of PR management and the right's endless grovelling for parity of esteem.


Then why bring it up?

Exactly! So why did you bring it up?

"You will excuse anyone on the right doing anything bad"


You tell me dumbass.

tvfan (8706) 38 minutes ago
"And some of those on the right are nothing but leftist fakes and impostors pretending to be on the right so they can convince gullible imbeciles of the same nonsense that you regurgitated."

Not before you explain why you felt the need to refute "verification" claims I never cam close to making?


My statement was in reference to those that you call "on the right" for doing bad things.

You are obviously among the gullible imbeciles that fall for those fakes and impostors pretending to be on the right.

Any more questions?


Ha ha! Who needs convincing? Your own OP is textbook "whataboutism".


And yet, here you are with nothing relevant to add.


"by tvfan (8697)
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A good documentary"

Thats as far as a needed to read to know that this is one of those MAGA delusional fantasy films.

Whats the point in picking two completely unrelated things and comparing them ?

JAN6 Vs sandy hook shootings
JAN6 Vs Vietnam war
JAN6 Vs Christmas
JAN6 Vs Superbowl
would make as much sense


More of your usual ranting and trolling without a single shred of actual rebuttal or refutation to anything.

Everything in that documentary has been confirmed and verified in the oversight hearings.

I'm not going to repeat yesterday where I had to respond half a dozen times to explain something for you to finally understand it.


The content of the documentary about J6 , delusional conspiracy theory or not , has nothing to do with BLM riots
I've put a fuller explanation of this concept in a post below.


Yes, it does have something to do with BLM/Antifa since they were embedded in the crowds.
There are pictures, videos, witness testimonies and it has bee confirmed in the oversight hearings.
Those are the facts and your persistent denialism doesn't change them.


again BLM has no relation to the left or the right .
BLM are against racism

if BLM protestors were also participating in your insurrection then they must also be right wing MAGA BLM prosteters.

I know your brain will not be able comprehend that as you dont understand what BLM is.
try to think of a Venn diagram
the two objectives *can* overlap
BLM are not your enemy
they are people fighting racism
they are not for or against lord trump


Folks seem to be, repeatedly, conflating incidences of civil unrest with a particular cause in mind (BLM, anti-fascism, enviromental extremism) with the insurrection of January 6th to install a dictator. Whatever the degree of violence and unrest there was in either case, while tragic, it is not really the issue at hand. Whether the new Right does this due to ignorance, parroting of talking points, or to further their illegal, unconstitutional MAGA narrative is unclear. It probably varies on a case-by-case basis—one would hope!

The issue is not simply the riot at the Capitol, and whether punishment for violators was too extreme, or the media played it up, or whatever. The problem is that the despicable 45th President of the United States held a rally earlier that day to direct his supporters to head there during the official proceeding to cause mayhem and press the issue. He led them to believe that votes were conclusively manufactured out of thin air to steal the election from him (which he stated he definitely won) and that the Vice President of the United States, Pence, was a turncoat who had the power to fix the situation and deny lawful electors the right to certify the election. Both Trump campaign and lawyers and staff representing Mike Pence testified to this under oath, as well as White House officials *hired* by Trump who acted as witnesses against his character, lack of empathy, and lawless disposition.

In addition to all this, the proceeding was simply ceremonial! There is no precedent in the history of this country to indicate the Vice President at the podium has final say to determine the outcome of an democratic election in which he, himself, would be a benefactor to the determination. It's absurd. The January 6th session is simply a part of legal record to certify a peaceful transition of power. Any real challenges were already settled in the State-courts, where the Trump legal team unsuccessfully argued malfeasance. In many cases, they were literally laughed out of court due to baseless accusations with no evidence, or contrary evidence (such as the Georgia Secretary of State phone call - recorded) indicating that it was DJT, personally, who was trying to engage in theft and subterfuge.

We must not forget that one individual, DJT, was the prime insurrectionist. The QAnon Shaman with the fur horned hat and the spear who entered the Capitol chamber wearing face-paint is not who most Americans are worried about. DJT was impeached for his criminal enterprise. Republicans even left the party due to his un-American actions.


Everything you stated is straight from the rectum's MSM. I've heard it many times.

Always parroting and regurgitating the media because they're unable to provide any refutations or rebuttals since they lack any independent thinking.


What are your sources proving an alternate interpretation? Exactly what is your interpretation? Pelosi stuffed the ballot boxes in nine states? What are you even suggesting!? Even Trump-tilted media that I've seen doesn't attempt to prove otherwise to conflict with reality. It's too risky for them to lure their listeners to delve deeper and think. They simply avoid what they don't like and talk about the boogeymen of their constituency, such as BLM or whoever. Predictably, the "mainstream media"... their direct competition for revenue, which adheres to journalistic standards and ethics, is Evil. A strategy of absolutely transparant deviousness. You ignore inconvenient facts. The gullibility level of so many posters here is off-the-chart.


To use that of some sort of excuse ,or measure , for your Jan 6th insurrection is absurd

They have nothing to do with "The left"
Are you saying that after months of rioting you still have no fucking idea why they were rioting ?
That almost justifies the rioting!

As you seem to be unaware:
The BLM riots were a violent protest against police brutality and other forms of racism towards black people.
There is zero relation to right or left wing politics
They were not "protesting" against left or right policies or parties

Contrast that with the Jan 6th Insurrection , which was entirely a right wing maga political action the sole aim of which wasnt anything as lofty or idealistic as to prevent racism - it was to shit on the constitution , overturn an election and install an unelected dictator in the Whitehouse .
Orchestrated by the Trump himself purely for his own benefit.
Cant wait for the trial.


Yes, BLM and Antifa are left-wing. That's a Fact.


You wouldnt know a fact if it hit you in the face

You have to look at the goals of any protest , pressure group or whatever to establish if they are "left wing" or right wing , or anarchists or whatever - surely thats patently obvious ? what else could you possibly judge on?

again - GOALS
lets review

1) Antifa - Goal is to combat extreme right wing fascism
2) J6 - Goal is to overturn the election result and turn the next administration from left to right
3) BLM - Goal is to stop racism and police brutality

1 is clearly a left wing organization
2 is clearly a right wing operation
3 clearly has no relation to the left or the right - unless you are saying that Racism is a right wing policy therefore fighting it is a left wing action?


1) Antifa are left-wing and they are the fascists.
2) The administration is "left" regardless, that's why they are called the UniPartY.
3) BLM has nothing to do with racism, it was a bullshit excuse for grifting, scamming and violence.


Good post, but I would argue that much of Antifa is not left-wing either, but rather anarchistic in nature. In 2016, they were also protesting against Hillary Clinton and the "DNC establishment."

Their actions are also overplayed ad nauseum in MAGA media. I live in Portland, Oregon, which was a hotbed of (mostly peaceful) activity and organization with so-called "Antifa." Their legacy here is nill. Whenever they show footage of illegal rioting, they show the same damn dumpster fire from 2016 on a loop for hours. Their day of glory had an epicenter of one-square block in summer of 2020 as a response to Trump sending unsolicited National Guard to a federal building downtown—something he predictably didn't do on January 6th while he watched his insurrection unfold in real-time on television from the West Wing. If there were such a large-scale unrest from Antifa to justify the Right's definition of "American Carnage," then one would assume that media, whether mainstream or otherwise, would obtain the footage showing war in our cities.

I have not seen it.


they were also protesting against Hillary Clinton and the "DNC establishment."

Talk about "gullibility level". It's called controlled opposition and false flags. They are still a radical far-left faction.


They have no leaders. They have no media. They are insignificant.

Looters and criminals go to jail if the evidence is compelling to a jury. Some may escape justice. No system is perfect.

Peaceful protestors go home and store their political signs in their garage.


They are the militant arm for the DNC and the UniPartY.

They are funded by Soros and many of them are also Feds in disguise.


Well, obviously you just continue to out yourself as a hive-minded idiot of the finest caliber.

I will offer you a serious question, however. You can use it to dig yourself into a deeper hole.

What do you think should be done about 93 year old, George Soros? He sounds like a real menace! lmao

I'm desperate to find some common ground with you. Do you think the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling should be overturned, or reversed via the legislative process? I do. Are you confident that Donald Trump, of all people, would pick up the mantle to do so? I can assure you that you would be wrong.


Hive-minds only apply to NPCs/Leftoids.

The things, people and causes that "his wealth" has funded makes him a menace.
His son will be taking over for him.


You didn't comment on Citizens United case of 2010, perhaps the most consequential and defining ruling of our time, which opened the floodgates for large political donations and shadow campaigns.

How can you be against Soros, making individual contributions, while you approve of wealthy donors, masked in the form of PACs, Corporations, Banks, Foundations making limitless headway into the political process and influencing both parties? Could it be because you actually hate transparency and want all of us to hate it too?


Also, Soros' most highly recognized contributions ever was made to several left-wing organizations in 2004, not associated with candidates (such as in the express interest of defeating President Bush.

He did this, largely, to combat the perpetuation of public fear by the administration, to protest the war in Iraq and further military engagements to invade and overthrow sovereign nations.

Time has shown that he, and the Democrats were right. The so-called War on Terrorism should have always been about stealth, intelligence, law-enforcement, diplomacy with other nations, and targeted missions like Operation Neptune Spear in which Seal Team Six killed Osama bin Laden, the financier and planner of the 9/11 attacks.

The larger military excursions created instability in the region, led to the propagation of terrorists and insurgencies, thousands of American military deaths, and hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. Some of this we're still dealing with to this day, and Israel sure-as-shit is as well.

Had Soros' funding helped to elect John Kerry as President, a timely exit-strategy would have occurred and much of our foreign relations and disposition would have been greatly improved.

In your eyes, presumably, all these people (Bushs, Clintons, Cheney, Kerry, Biden, Obama, Romney, McCain, Pence, et al) are all members of a Uniparty playing narrative games. Soros is either a leader or a pawn depending on how you want to use him as your whipping boy in any given scenario.

Folks like you talk about TDS, which is your own derangement inverted and projected onto others, but guess what? As far as policy and performance goes (character aside), George W. Bush (43) is still the worst American president of the 21st Century. Part of the job is to pave the way to a future where, hopefully, there is no facilitation to elect corrupt demagogues like Trump. The justices that he and his father appointed to the Supreme Court were some of the worst ever. Hence, Citizens United v. FEC 5-4 ruling.

You Republicans need to own up to your party and preferred elected leaders' mistakes, instead of tossing out the memory of the previous claiming they were in the "Establishment" pocket and starting fresh with a new brand of corruption and decadency. Only then may you learn.

No more pretending like your brain and ethics were born on an escalator of Trump Tower in 2015.

Here's a tip to aid in your common sense. The candidate for peace, prosperity, compassion and experience for 2024 is, quite obviously, Joseph R. Biden. Us Dems don't worship our candidates, and I'm sure there are an abundance of qualified individuals of upstanding character who exist, but are not recognized. I'm sorry that this is the case, and their day may eventually come. Nevertheless, we rally around incumbency when warranted, own up to our mistakes when made, and do not try to upset the legitimacy of our institutions in order to hand power to a criminal with narcissistic pretensions of being a king.