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Quirky But Watchable Heist Movie

Act I is a little rough but if you hang in there for Act III you get the reward of a solid twist and a move that, in the end, is pretty entertaining and definitely watchable.

Production values were pretty low with terrible costumes, weak sets and unrealistic law enforcement equipment. Several tertiary characters had no purpose. There was a subplot involving the evil pharmaceutical company which devolved well beyond ridiculous. The drug company CEO was the repulsive, greedy and obese white man caricature. Only here, he also moonlighted as a child sexual predator. But the writers did need a villain to make the story work so, I accepted it with eye rolls.

Aldis Hodge stole this movie. He was great in every scene and he played two different characters which is not easy to do. He was the sole bright spot in Act I that kept me interested in staying to the final Act which revived the story. I had never heard of him before this movie but, he really seems like leading man material.

This is a good little heist movie with a fresh twist I didn’t see coming.


I found it alright. Parts of it were fun. But there were too many coincidences that the script relied upon, and that threw me off.