Really added a new dimension

That whole mystical equator theory must be the most new thought on the subject that I have ever come-across. It was a little over-dramatized with the exceedingly loudening music and Cox really selling it... but damn! I was hooked when they connected Easter Island to the South American sites, then straight on to Giza. I have followed studies on the subject for many a year... so naturally I am reluctant to watch any new docs on the subject because it's usually all the same info presented in a slightly different (not new) way. I found myself actually exclaiming to the screen with some of these revelations.

My only confusion lies with the Orion connection. This doc never touched the subject one iota. When they started hitting the other constellations I thought they were really going to add the Orion wrinkle to their already convoluted unravelings. I see what they did there... but how can you be thorough in your calculations if you don't add the Orion's belt connection? (and that's just for the Giza Plateau, they have found other pyramids around Egypt that correspond to the rest of the Orion constellation, as well)

All-in-all, A very good watch (no pun intended), if a little longish. The first 30 minutes was all kind of a rehash... but does lay the ground work for the latter material, some better editing could have cut this down to maybe a solid 15-16 minutes. They lent too much time to all of the dogma drenched so-called science community in my opinion... it seemed like when they were on a roll toward a revelation, they would HALT to allow current science guy say that "You just can't get there from here" tripe.

It's a doc, I get it... I will take it with a grain of salt, but you don't have to put uptight stodgy-types in every 10 minutes or so to detract what you have just been telling us. I understand they wanted to show the opposing "current" view, but again... EDITING. ;) Cut it down to a reasonable amount of "equal" time.

If you have been drawn to the pyramids, as I have (since childhood), this is one that will add new concepts to your understanding. Make sure to bring a healthy dose of Pi. Enjoy.

C: "There's an alien in the kitchenette making bagels and coffee!"
G: "...did you want tea?"