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Rip-off of My Side of the Mountain?

Haven't seen the film, but the description makes it sound like a (bad) disfiguring of the terrific kids' book "My Side of the Mountain."

It sounds like the changes they made were ill-advised, to say the least.


I thought that myself when I read the description, but it really isn't even close at all.

My side of the mountain involves a kid that goes off to live in the wilderness using real survival skills, living off the land. He builds a shelter, hunts food and actually does what is needed to survive for a decent length of time in the woods.

The kid in The Cold Lands runs about a mile or so into the woods, occasionally sneaking food from his house (until the cops show up to watch for him) or other people's houses until he meets up with a pot growing, jewelry making nudist slacker who takes him in after helping him get away from some meth dealers.

Much of the time between the guy and the kid is spent with the guy trying to decide whether he'll take care of the kid, bail on him or turn him in for the reward money listed on the missing person posters.

Unlike the main character in "My Side of the Mountain", he doesn't do much of anything to prepare properly for staying in the woods, which leads to a total lack of success in that department.

He never uses any of the skills he apparently had before the death of his mother (like raising bees to make honey, for example), instead spending most of his time running out back doors of places to avoid being caught - not that anyone is looking for him that hard.

This movie compares to "My Side of the Mountain" somewhat like "Mystery Men" would compare to "Kick Ass". In that example, both movies involve outcasts who decide to become super heroes, but that's pretty much where the similarities end.

In other words, no comparison at all.


Great analogy!