American pizza

The pizza he ordered in the Utica hotel room looked absolutely terrible! It had no ingredients on it except sauce. WTF? You Americans need to eat a real Canadian style pizza, loaded up so it's at least an inch deep. Mmmm Mmmm! Ima get me one now...


Was likely a cheese pizza which is popular in Canada as well. Less toppings makes it easier for the actors to handle so they can focus on their lines and marks instead of making sure all the toppings aren't falling off.


Real pizza topping don't fall off. Best Pizza in the world is from my local shop in Ringwood North. I've never eaten better than this place. Makes La Porchetta taste like it's a frozen one.

Actually some of the worst pizza I've had actually really did win best pizza in the world. The whole world! like 2012 or something it was. It's a matter of taste. I like toppings but this one was like the Italian crap where there are actual gaps between one chunky ingredient to the next. Bloody aweful!

Oh yeah I'm half Italian, I can say Italian Pizza is crap if I want :P

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