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What weird stuff do you do in your sleep?

I rolled off a 6 foot bunk bed onto a tile floor when I was living in a dorm. Didnt remember it till my roomates girlfriend told me I just got back into bed mumbling something. My entire leg was bruised and scratched up. Also I have sex in my sleep.

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i've done the same thing when i was in my loft. I had a dream that i was in a boat in the middle of the ocean. I sat up in my boat and looked over the boat on my right side, and saw a shark. Freaked out and went to look over the left side of the boat really quickly. The left side of the boat (my bed.) was the wall. I smashed my head on the wall, fell out of the bed, 6 feet to the hard tile floor.


Haha I enjoy these. I too fell off my bed one time. We had moved my bunk bed away from the wall for cleaning purposes, I kept a guard rail on the other side, but figured I'd be good for one night with the other side open. When I fell I was actually having a really pleasant dream of falling through the air, seemed to last a long time, and then BOOM! Hit the floor full on (carpeted luckily) and got all the wind knocked out of me. Most harsh wake up ever.


I've punched the wall & close by furniture before - glad I was alone in bed. I've also woken up yelling cause I guess I was angry in my dream.

"Bullets! My one weakness. How did you know?"


I woke up one night in a true state of rage at my fiancé. I had to struggle to keep myself from beating her to death with my bare hands. She had a gambling problem and had blown $3000 of my money in a few weeks. I held my head in my hands and just screamed while shaking my fists. I've never ever been so absolutely enraged as I was that time when I woke up.

I now understand what it means to commit a crime of passion. I dumped her lying, cheating, begging, borrowing, stealing ass but it took me 3 years before I'd had enough.

I kind of understand how the couple in this film were together for 8 years. It just happens because you get into a habit of being together and it's hard to break that habit.

Is that a true story? yeah. No, really is that a true story? YEAH IT IS!!!

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I once punched a small mirror - with an image of Ché Guevara on it - to pieces because I thought it was my ringing alarm clock (which, in my dream, was about to launch a nuclear missile from a submarine or something.) No blood, fortunately.

I've also had a few occasions where I've stood in the bathroom mirror and looked at my face for a long time and noticed my hair was all grey (I was in my 20s), but I was never sure if those were dreams or if I actually had been standing there.