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Some directors just CAN'T grab the subject.

you know i am not much into reviews,but this film made me.let me tell you why?

a very good topic,so loosely filmed and so badly ruined.

first comes to the topic,was good and new to Indian cinema.the sacrifice of one girl for the love of another and the above hand of being the typical Indian(Asian) retro atmosphere.

then comes to loosely filmed,yes after the 2/3rd of film,things started happening all of sudden,without making their base and the ending was so crap.the director didn't care to show how Chitarangda let her go and how he stopped Parachi. please don't tell me here that director wanted to make us think of the rest.this was a failed direction,the ambiguity is left when there is a room for it,and in this kind of plain topic movies cannot have such ending.well it's a long debate.

now comes to badly ruined,you know there is a difference in comedy and *beep* is something which makes you laugh by understanding them but *beep* are *beep* mean you would never see anyone in REAL life,a guy who is jumping here and there,with awkward sense of jokes and a guy on such a post of music director or producer to be so non-serious and bla bla.there must be a connection of real life with films,and then when you add comedy,it's worth watching.

lately Indian cinema is more into such *beep* kind of comedy,totally lacking the seriousness factors.

Chitarngda is a good looking and good performing actress like she did an outstanding performance in "inkaar" but it's in director's hands to ruin the good actors.