Why does this movie have to be made ? why the *beep* are we being exposed to the kinky side of the porn industry? If your a documentary maker why not make something meaningful.Also when the *beep* is James franco going to stop lying to himself and us and .Just come out and admit that his life long ambition is to be a gay porn star.No one would hate him for it i seriously think he would be even more popular for it.

this is the "oh no you didn't" generation where a shocking comment has more wit then truth


You're not being exposed to it unless you choose to watch it.


Don't like it? Don't watch it.

You want a toe? I can get you a toe, believe me. There are ways, Dude.


As regarding the why?

More people are probably watching/consuming porn/erotic movies/commercials then reading literature or mainstream drama (let alone serious drama or documentaries). Probably 95% of porn could be labeled "kinky" (vanilla is not a flavor much in demand there.....).

This should tell us something about the human condition.
Choosing not to face this fact.....seems : dumb/naive/hypocritical/hateful of who we are. (take your pick)
Depicting those parts of the human condition (while the world at large pretends the big pink elephant is not present in the room) seems what art/documentaries are there for.

A lot of porn is tawdry and exploitative but so is the world in general. (ask any cow who ends up in a Macdonalds hamburger). Ignoring that and just projecting it solely on the world of sex seems equally naive.

The company who is the subject of this documentary from what i've seen seems largely free of this exploitative side.

Your personal attack on mr Franco, who i assume is neither your nor my personal acquaintance seems totally besides the point....
Why should he or any other confide any information whatsoever to you ? His main occupation seems to be actor (PLAYING parts/emphasis on playing).
Don't confuse the work with the person.

Also i think you meant to say "*beep*" twice? Why censor yourself? that IS what you were thinking, right ?


I stand corrected, seems IMDB is the one censoring procreation words........My sincere apologies in that regard.

IMDB partly also tries to hide about 50% (or more) of movie-making at least on their search-engine.


Did you just compare hamburgers to sex workers? Heehee.
Everyone talks how "ethical" Kink is. Usually sited is their interviews after the performance. I'm not sure how many of people would put weight behind videos of employees made by their bosses . Of course everything is going to be great when your paycheck and industry employability are in the balance. They've had a couple of incidents that have been questionable over the years that im not going to waste time typing about. Ultimately it's a porn company and just as we should dismiss or be skeptical of those that say out of hand its evil, we should take the same view of those that are looking to bestow sainthood on it,

When there are two, one betrays-Jean-Pierre Melville


WHY can't you spell?

your - you're
then - than

^ learn the difference.

And the second you dive into pointless abuse like the gay porn star line, you cease to be worth an answer.

Plot Hole - the most overused and least understood phrase at IMDb


As tbey said in the film "i dont find this sexy, but there may be someone out there does" and as we say in the kink community "youre kink isnt my kink but thats ok"