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Huge Fail; missed opportunity.

Finally got to see it, while technically ok(lighting sound ect) the film was a bore. First, it's not really a film about BDSM, it's a film about a company that makes BDSM movies for public consumption with actors who aren't all in the BDSM community. Even with that caveat there was a rich opportunity to explore this interesting subculture through the lense of the corporation. But what we get instead is interviews with employees, many of whom are far from articulate or perhaps have reservations about being nuanced about something their paycheck depends on. No interviews with consumers, no history of the industry to set the stage for Kinks place in time. No discussion of San Francisco as a unique place that allows a buisiness like Kink to thrive, let alone discuss the neighborhood the armory is in and it's effects. This was little more than a milquetoast ad for a million dollar corporation. It's a shame considering the wealth of material the director could have used to make an insightful film.


I agree. There is so much NOT conveyed in this documentary that leaves more questions than answers about this sexual subculture. Ultimately, it's a promotional film that essentially pitches itself to the curious with the caveat that no one in these films is getting hurt and they are all happy volunteers in a safe environment (i.e. "no animals were hurt in the making of this film") So people can look into it guilt-free.

It's an advertisement for the uninitiated and a very, very tame perspective when compared to all the BDSM "ideology" entails.

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One rule of film criticism is to review the film you saw, NOT the film you WANTED it to be.