interesting documentary, my question is do you think they get raped?

i was thinking this because for example in this video she says " THIS IS SO *beep* UP" which getting electrocuted, it seems like she would say her safe word before saying such a phrase

and for example in this video, who later turns out to be the main domina for most later kink shoots in my eyes seemed to have a really unpleasant experience in that she did not expect the shoot to be as hard as her fantasy...such a drastic difference

What do you think? is rape only rape when it is physical or does rape happen if there is violation of consent? can rape happen if there is agreed fantasy?


*opens door to thread*

*peeks around*

*slloowwlly creaks the door back shut again*

*backwards tip toes away from thread*


Who gets raped? She who? The only time any of it stops immediately is when the safe word is used, which sounds like it's red. She did not say "red" so it continued. The other girl you are referring to wanted to push herself, cuz that's the point. Also, it's for added viewer pleasure that the subs look like it's an unpleasant experience. If you have no experience in this lifestyle I can understand your concern, but trust me, she had a blast :)

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