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Didn't understand it - my analysis (and questions)

First there is the main premise, the car accident, where the brothers hit a person and then one of them throws the person from the bridge (a very strange thing to do).

There are three main ingredients which influence the story:

1. Angel occasionally sees his mother as a ghost. He and his daughter are the only ones who can see the ghost, and it's REAL, no hallucination, the ghost supposedly unlocked a door and talked to the girl. So there is a ghost and Angel and his daughter can see this ghost with their unique abilities.

2. The other special thing is that Angel is extremely mentally sick. So he tortures a victim which he somehow knows is responsible for his mother's death (why doesn't the movie explain when and how he finds out about this?!).

3. The third thing is the therapy theme which alludes to the title of the movie, where the main character is a life coach and has written a kind of self-help book, and in his therapy with Angel he asks him to confess everything. This is turned against him later.

The confusing thing is how these things are mixed together, it's just too much.

If Angel hadn't been crazy, it would have been a different movie, but there would still be a ghost, and the therapy/repentence theme would be intact. If instead we take away the ghost, I guess nothing would have changed either. Angel would have tortured Tommy and asked him to confess.

But if we take away the repentance theme, i.e. Tommy never became a life coach and never wrote the book, he would still have his secret about the car accident. If Angel found out about this, wouldn't he still have the same motive to torture Tommy then? But then it wouldn't have the same elaborate therapy-punishment as in the movie. But Angel's motive shouldn't depend on Tommy's false therapy. His motive is primarily about the death of his mother. He would still carry out the torture, but only with less moral preaching. But this is where the movie is strange. It kind of makes the point that Tommy is dishonest, and more or less deserves the torture, but also seems to want to make Angel look righteous by giving Tommy the therapy that he deserves. Otherwise without the third ingredient ,which is the biggest "point" of the movie (whatever that point is), it would just have been a sick vengeance/torture movie..which it still is!

In the ending, Tommy has one hand free and he has a gun. Because of that I think he should have a chance to escape. He could free himself with the hand or try to shoot himself free with the gun. But he doesn't even try, and he says "We are spiritually dead anyway", what does he mean by that!!?? And he says about Angel "he is free now". What, is he some kind of psychic? Then it seems that Tommy shot himself, a ridiculous thing. A moment earlier he was desperate to escape, cutting off part of his hand. Why did Angel provide the butcher knife to Tommy earlier?

Maybe Angel's ghost mother caused Angel to become crazy, to carry out this vengeance/punishment? But we get no clue about that in the movie. What is the role of the ghost mother? And what is the significance of his daughter who he interacts with in countless scenes?

I think it's the most confused movie I have ever seen. I don't understand what it wants to say, or what it expects of the audience to understand. Angel seems to be portrayed like a good guy in the end. Tommy and his brother where bad for not telling the truth about the car accident, the girlfriend was also bad for some reason - therefore they where all spiritually dead, because of their sins I guess? Tommy gets tortured for the whole movie and finally shoots himself. What sort of movie is this? Is there some sadistic religious twisted moral to this story where people who writes self-help books are to be rightfully tortured and punished? Definitely the worst ending I have ever seen in a movie.