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Huge coincidence or just bad writing??? (SPOILER)

Did Angel (Forest W. character) suspect or know the life coach (Tommy) had any part in his mother's death before Tommy admitted to driving the car and the brother Ben admitted to dumping the body in the final scenes?

If yes, why didn't it come out sooner in the story? Unless I missed it somewhere, the story unfolded as if Tommy didn't know he'd actually hit a pedestrian and certainly didn't know it was Angel's mother until Ben told the story. When Angel was beating him into confessing prior bad acts you think Tommy would offer up that event rather than divulge strangling a cat when he was a kid and if Angel knew or suspected Tommy's role in his mother's death he would keep pushing him to admit it.

If not, it is a huge (and very improbable) coincidence that Angel would abduct and torture a person almost at random that turned out to be involved in his mother's death.


his mother.. or the psychic said 'Don't Look Back'
which is the title of Tommy's book...
that is what brought him to Tommy.

Whitaker was great is this role...

the movie was ok.


When does this happen? I don't remember any psychic or anyone saying "Don't Look Back"?


look at 1 hour and 10 minutes to 1 hour 11 minutes in...flashbacks...
and right after that he sees a flier for the book signing... 'Don't Look Back'


Wow, yes... I must have overlooked that part, but it's very quick.

So everything depends on that little flashback.
Why quote stuff from his book, though? She could have said his name? Nevermind..

It's just a coincidence that the book is a self-help book though... it could have been a childrens book, anything.. And the psychic could have given any other clues than pointing to the book.


But the strangest thing is this!

After the first flashback, Tommy says:

"A psychic quoted you a line I said and because of that it's my fault?"

What, how does he know that? It has to mean that Angel told him this story. but we never got to hear it. Maybe that's why I was confused and kind of forgot this part. It would have taken Angel at least 30 seconds to inform about the psychic, if he cut it really short. But the movie just "cheats" in this way..