Not sure what the above review is talking about. Although I really enjoyed it, I can see not liking "Tchoupitoulas" -- very literal happens as we follow the boys around, drinking in the nighttime atmosphere of New Orleans -- but there's no denying the visual power of the film. It is flat-out beautiful.


I really like those kind of movies, but I see how it could be disappointing to people expecting standard storytelling (just look at the IMBd user rating of The Tree of Life).
I'll see it when it's released on DVD (or better yet, Blu-ray).

I'm the grim reaper, lardass, and you're my next customer.


I agree with you chewitt-2. I have no idea why the reviewer felt this should be a travel channel film.

You can spend one night in the Quarter and see nothing and the next night see everything, including Frenchman street at 4 am teeming with people.

I don't think the filmmakers were looking to make an action film or a drama. It was just trip through the New Orleans night life and well done by my standards.