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One more Gilmore-ism copied

Have you seen the poster?
'Life is short. Dance your buns off.' (What?)
Gilmore Girls: 'Life is short. Talk fast.'
I suspect Ms. Palladino's frustration for not being allowed to continue 'Gilmore Girls', but even so... to copy so blatantly from it...


Maybe it's not a "copy" so much as it is a nod to Gilmore Girls and all the great seasons we had of it. I'm sad we won't get that for Bunheads. But I wouldn't say that ASP is copying herself, rather just using a trademark formula.


I imagine it's part of her style.

Ever seen "Sorkinisms" on Youtube? Aaron Sorkin borrows from himself all the time but that's cause that's his "voice".

Stuff like this reminds me of "Movie Poop" from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.


The poster for both shows most assuredly comes from the marketing department of Warner Bros and ABC Family, respectively. Not Amy Sherman-Palladino since the creator usually has very little say in how their show is marketed.

The fact that Bunheads copied GG's tagline is probably because ABC Family wanted to market it the same way to the same people. They wanted to get as many GG fans as possible, and assure the fans that it's going to be something that they're used to and really liked.

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