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Some Bunheads thoughts

I binged on Bunheads so I thought I'd share some random thoughts:

-The first time I saw the pilot, I thought the premise of a doting admirer marrying his object of affection when she's too black-out drunk to remember it the next day kind of iffy and I suspect in 2016 when the culture of sexual consent is a hot-button issue, such a premise wouldn't fly. But for the most part, it's just bizarre. It seems like the writing room is trying to have their cake and eat it too: They want it to seem like Michelle was conscious enough to consent to marrying him, while also painting the scenario as something Michelle wouldn't ordinarily do thereby making it a happy accident.

-I also have so much of an issue with some of the extreme coincidences here. Guy dies within 24 hours of marrying the woman? I see no reason why he couldn't have been in a coma for a little while or extended the honeymoon period for 48 or 72 hours. Michelle's a dancer and her mother-in-law also happens to be a dancer? Then again, maybe it's a Fruedian need to seek out a dancer like his mother.

-I also was a little creeped out by the surfer guy who was like "no means yes" when courting her and then planted a kiss on her when she said no to him. Naturally, after the second or third unwanted kiss she melted in his arms. More strange interpretations of romance and consent.

-The surfer dude was very much a manic pixie dream guy for Michelle and and in a way this show is full of manic pixie dream something-or-other. The two cool classmate siblings are like all-purpose manic pixie dream classmates. They disappear at will, can learn to do anything, climb the ladders of popularity at mythic levels, change multiple times a day. I haven't made it to the end of the season but I'm hoping it's revealed that they were just figments of the girls' imaginations.

-The dialogue is Sorkinesque where people talk in a stylized manner and complete each other's sentences and come up with snappy retorts very fast, but Amy Sheridan-Palladino knows how to pull it off just a touch better. It helps tremendously that Michelle's fast talking is linked to her character trait and that Truly is also a fast talker of sorts but in more of a nervous way than an "I'm the smartest person in the room" kind of way. It helps even more that a few people in this universe like Truly's sister Millie don't talk like anyone else either, there's a lot of differentiation.

-Ginnie and Boo are a bit too much alike, but otherwise: Ginnie, Boo and Melanie are adorable as BFFs and all have really strong personalities. Sasha is more of a frienemy and I really appreciate the addition of that into their circle.

-I hate both the accountant character and the way the show strawmans him as the no-fun adult with such caricatured strokes.

-So did the ambitious ballerina who replaced Sasha sabatoge the play with pepper spray or was that Michelle's mistake? It seemed premediated by the "ringer" but then again Michelle seemed to take the hit.
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