Dekker question and theory..

Earlier in the film, Dekker said that he had A son, but failed to elaborate on that. Which lead us to believe he either left him because of his obsession, or something happened to him. Which gets me to my point(s).

1) What did he have locked up in that Room? Obviously from the feces, and chains, it was A Marrow, but which one? He said he saw A College student get "picked up" by one of the Marrow, and he lost them by the time he turned the corner. Could him, and his son have been luring one out, and he inadvertently got his son killed in the process? In turn, causing him to capture that EXACT one, and putting it in his garage. When he tried to go down the hole, he could've freed her. Then the creature he had chained him up, restricted him to the same fate, he that he decided upon her...

There's other theories that his son ended up becoming one of the Marrow, and that's why he was feeding it. I don't really buy into that one much. There's no real evidence that regular humans can be turned into one of them, unless they're born that way. I believe him feeding the hole, and eventually crying, was due to his obsession, and envy..

Can you guys please post, what you believe happened Dekkers son?.. 2) What he had chained up in his garage?


He said in the beginning that these monsters was humans that was just born weird.