excuse me but im slow...

can someone give me their view on the scene where he comes in and sits on her bed next to her and rubs her hip and then she puts her hands on his face?
What exactly is going on there?
i have a couple thoughts but they dont really make a whole lot of sense to me, so, just wondering what you guys think?

and WHY tf does he kill himself at the end??

As a photographer that has taken myself and my "art" more seriously over the past almost 3 years, i really like this film.

"First you want to kill me, now you want to kiss me..... blow."
- Ash


This goes back to a scene where he walks out and doesn't tell her if they are finised for the day or should she get dressed. She watches him walk home. In the next scene where he is in bed with his wife, She asked him how long it had lasted and he said 10 minutes.

I beleive he had developed an erection while she was modeling for him and he could not concentrate on his work. That is the reason he made the statement, "Thats all I need." Also, in the bedroom scene with his wife, she was feeling his crotch after he had told her about the erection.

When he went to the studio the next day, you might have noticed he went straight to her room. She pulled up the covers and was showing him her bare backside. Then he sat down and started stroking her bare flesh. She turned to him and started to stroke his face, which was giving him permission to have sex with her.

Then another scene after that, when he asked her how many men she had seen nude, also makes me believe they had sex.


I don't think they've had sex. They've had some kind of intimacy that's for sure, but not an intercourse.